Monday, March 23, 2009

Forever...and Children... has been a while..but we are doing great! I am staying extremely busy with church drama....they ministered in the service last week and AG got up there for the first time...she has dressed to do it before but got too scared on us. This time she actually stood there and did a few moves out of the entire song. I am amazed at her...I am sure the next time she will actually do it...she know the entire song without me doing it with her and can clap and move on beat. I am not surprised because I spend a great deal of time learning new dramas, coming up with them, and teaching them...she is always there to watch and knows most of them. I have even been subbing at AG's school even when she is not there and she is able to go with me. I do not mind doing it because it is fun and a little extra spending money...but I am not able to get ahead while she is gone. So lately...we have been crazy...
God is doing mighty things in our church right now...I recently started some ministry courses that I have to write papers and after I have completed I will get a certificate...I know..when do I have time? But I felt it was a must and I am learning a great deal. I love to study God's Word and ways to improve the ministries that I am heading up. I feel that God wants us to seek Him and do the best that we can do for Him! Many times that requires extra studying and PRAYER more than anything along with TIME IN HIS WORD!! How can I give to others if I have not received from the Father myself? The people I am leading can go no further than I am...So I have to constantly seek the Father...We are all called to share HIM. Are you seeking the Father and being all you can be for HIM? Are you setting the right example? Parents..your children are watching you...what kind of an example are you to them? They will do the things they see you doing. I encourage the Word to your children daily....Model before not do your QT after they have been to bed...let them see you pull out your Bible and read it...Let them join you for your prayer time...they can do it....AG does her devotions with me...and prayer time...sometimes our prayer time is 30 minutes ....sometimes I turn on a prayer CD to keep us focused as we're doing things. It is up to you..Parents to create the atmosphere for your children...they do not know unless you teach them. Teach them that JESUS is important in all situations. Used to when AG was sick...I would talk and try to figure it out and sometimes run for the medicine...but you know I started to feel convicted by that. I was not modeling faith to when she complains...I ask what is wrong...why she thinks it is hurting...etc. then we pray...Didn't God heal people in the Bible? He can heal my child...THEN if we need medicine I go and get it...before I was teaching her to have faith in the medicine. I know crazy but true. Now she says PRAY MAMA...
Something I wanted to not take for granted what your little can do now for God...Let me share some eye opening research to you on why it is important to teach and train your children (the church can only do so much..they are an extension of you and there to back up what you are doing at home...they should not hear it for the first time at church..but from you!)....

By age 3: the child has already developed their own personality
By age 5: they have the brain of an adult, have learned 85% of what they will learn in their entire life, they have the foundation of their belief system established...everything is filtered through that beleif system! (WOW!)
By age 7: child is a miniture version of what they will be like as an adult
By age 9: His moral ANCHOR is in place, his fundamental perspective on truth, integrity, morality, justice, and ethics is formed
By age 10: many refine their views but with little change
By 12/13: this is who they are going to be...whatever he believes...he will die beleiving the same things
By 18: very little change
***Of course this is research and God can save and change...but why take the chance? Train your child now!! There is no time to wait.
We have had some battles with AG lately...but we are praying through is not always easy BUT YOU ARE THE PARENT!!YOU ARE THE AUTHORITY JESUS GIFTED THESE CHIDLREN WITH...USE WHAT WAS GIVEN TO YOU! DON'T LET YOUR CHILDREN DOWN. YOU ARE LOVING THEM WHEN YOU MAKE THEM DO WHAT THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO DO! Lately we have had to change some thing because AG will not run this house, she will submit to authority...etc. in order to make these things happen...we have to not do some of the thing we want to do at this stage and work through it. It is getting better, but I would rather deal now at 2 rather than 16!! If she can not learn to listen to my voice and in the world will she be able to listen and obey the Father's Voice?
Not meaning to preach..but these things have been on my heart and mind lately and I wanted to share them! Love you all!!