Friday, August 15, 2008


OK..I know I have not posted in a here has been extremely busy and I am not sure how it has gotten sooo crazy!!! I do have some new pictures to post..but need to download them to my computer...I will do that, I promise.

  • Anna Grace is in to EVERYTHING these days and wanting to CLIMB on everything...and JUMPING on her big girl bed is her new favorite thing, in which she gets in trouble for. She is not standing on her head and trying to flip over...what has happened to my baby? I thought before she was into it all...but nothing like now. I am amazed at how her walking calmly has turned into running like a crazy person through the house. It is amazing at how quickly they change..she now carries on conversations with me. Like the other day...she kept wanting me to paint her fingernails and toenails.....she kept saying PAINT and NAILS over and over. But each day she is adding more and more words.
  • My new favorite things she has started doing in the last month is praying on her own for her meals....she says..."Thank you Je-Je...Amen!!" I know it is not a lot of words..but she is not even two!! When we say our bedtime prayers ...we pray and she prays..only God knows what she is saying most of the time..sometimes I think she prays for everyone she knows. I love it!!!
  • She also loves to climb all the way to the top of the toys at Chick-Chick as of two weeks ago. took us a while to get there, but that is ok. I think this is what has made her a little more brave at home.
  • Oh...she has a sense of humor...she cuts up quite a bit and talks alot (babbles)..I know that you all are surprised...but now she says "I funny!" I think it is really cute. This started last week. I think my brothers have helped bring out the hyper in her and the sillies!! ( I know it was not me!!!) She gets the dance moves from me!!! HAHA!!!

I just pray everyday that the Lord would give us the wisdom we need to raise a child with a "HEART" after God. If you have not read the book "Creative Corrections" by Lisa Welschel ... it is a must read for a mommy. They also have the Bible Study book and I love them both. It helps us to remember the role that God has placed us in and we must except the challenge. What we do now will greatly effect their future. NOW is the time..we cannot wait until they are teenagers to enforce what we want them to do. The Creative Corrections book gives lots of ideas on how to deal with different issues and how to be sure that we are balanced in our discipline...we do not want to just discipline our child and not explain what they did wrong and why it is wrong according to scripture. It is alot. We also do not want to just explain why it is wrong and not punish!! When I taught 2nd grade at Greenwood Christian School...we had to talk with each child about why they were in trouble and why it was wrong according to God's was tough at first..but I did find a handy little cheat book..."Parenting with Scripture" has the scriptures catergorized into categories...for example.."cheating, lying, etc." It was really a great help. Then, if a child had trouble with a specific area...that scripture was taped to their desk as a really did help...more than any other tactic I had tried. GCS was great at training us on those kinds of things...I am so grateful for that..because alot it has been helpful with AG!!! Sorry have to read this...I have talked about this sooo much..but I am passionate about it...and I think one thing with a lot of parents (not the ones reading this blog) are uneducated and do not know what to do. They are tricked by the enemy into thinking...I love my child too much to punish them or not let them do this or that..they love doing that..they are cute. Well, all that is true..they are love them a lot..but too much NOT TO DISCIPLINE. I am surrounded by people like that and I have a desire to see different. I want to thank all you mothers for sewing into my life and encouraging me...along with giving me all kinds of great ideas...without you the road would have been a little tougher.

Anyway...I hope you all have a lovely weekend...and hopefully I will be able to post some pics a little later.....I have some great pics and a FUNNY STORY TO SHARE!!! AMY, I LOVE YOU!!!... just remember that as I post my next blog..k!!!