Saturday, October 4, 2008

2 Year Old Pictures

We had AG's 2 year old pictures made yesturday...just a month behind...we have been a little behind with school starting, etc. was quite a dramatic event! We did get pictures..but she was not in the best of moods to start with..they normally take around 100 pictures...they only did 42. We were just thankful that she decided to smile...we could not keep her hands out of her mouth (this is new when she is uncertain or nervous) or she kept sucking her thumb. So...I am glad that these are done with..I was really close to just saying we will come took at least 10 or 15 minutes just to get one picture. I am not exactly sure what the deal was yesturday. I am starting to wonder if she is cutting her 2 year molars. We have been a bit whinier than usual..runny nose and some bad diapers this week. I guess we shall see.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Today I had to make a return visit to the chiropractor after last weeks craziness. AG and I went after she got out of school so I decided we would run a few errands...I had to run in Rack Room for only a moment...I was wanting a pair of shoes I had seen..but they did not have my size in Anderson...I only go to Greenwood when I go to the chiropractor and could you imagine Jason trying to figure out which shoes they were??? Anyway, when we go in AG says..."my shoes" so we go to her shoes to "LOOK." I decide, hey while we are here I will measure her foot to just see what size it I take off one shoe...I am just looking and I turn around and my child has on her 1 tennis shoe and 1 patten leather (however that is spelled) red shoe. You have to child is girly girl all the way...but we also have a church that does not dress up...come as you are...I mean come on Mommy wears camo and black most Sundays for the dance team....So...then she sees...the black one just like the red and has to try both this time I am just watching and laughing to myself. I just let her have fun...she is shopping like she sees mommy shopping. Well...the problem is she wanted the shoes and she has no need for those shoes....she already has her Sunday shoes for the winter. the clearance rack I go...hoping just hoping I can find some cheap play shoes....we did this earlier in the summer and I got her some dress up shoes for $3.00. Anyway...I do find a white pair for $4.00 but she is unwilling to give up the black pair. Mind you she has on striped sweatpants (pink..brown...etc.) so she is comfy with her patten leather shoes on. So...she is about to have a melt down and I am having to think really quick on how to handle this. I am more than willing to buy the $4 pair for dress up...but not the $24.99 pair that she will not get to wear much at all. It is not practical with the way her foot grows. So...we make a deal and the young college aged guy has been watching this whole deal and is just smiling at her. So....he brings a sucker as I am about to make a deal with her....and it saves the day...all it took was a sucker and a promise that she could wear the shoes anytime she wanted to around the house and to walk Sally (the dog). So...out we head with her new shoes on and one happy child. We had to go to Wal Mart for groceries and we had many admirers of her shoes as she sits with them so that she can admire them and show them off. Then..on the way home...she started saying Ma's we had to go by Ma's to show off the new shoes. She was singing and dancing...she was pulling out some moves I did not know she was capable of doing. I was much impressed...she really has rhythm and can really bust a move ( I think it was the shoes). I am proud of her, if I have to say so myself. It is times like this that I will look back and remember how funny and how much fun it was to watch her grow into the young lady that God made her to be.
Also....I know that she is going to be prayer warrior...her newest prayer now is LORD...with a little inflation of the voice...peace and joy...and Torey (Uncle Corey) gets more prayer than anyone!! Our house will have more peace and joy than anyone I know if she keeps this up!! Bring it on Lord! Also, tonight at dinner...her PURSE got prayer!!! How much fun!!