Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What a Forgiving God... all I can say about Sunday. We had a baptism service at 3PM at another church in the area since we are sort of in a make shift building at this point. We had 20 people to baptize and it was sooo amazing. I just knew Sunday was going to be awesome....from the my prayer time before church to getting to service. It was like it was just such a reverent repentent time....moved into a celebration time of who God is and what He has done for us. I was truely amazed at how God worked...When people were getting baptized...people were leaving that baptism pool a new could just see it. We had thorough teaching on Wednesday night about it and its significance to the believer. We had people who had been baptized who never really understood what they were doing...they were just doing because they knew it was something you do after giving your heart to Jesus. One girl gave her heart to Jesus last year and was baptized last year...but she said, "I did not know what I was doing..the church just said you need to be baptized...but this time I feel God working and I know that I will not be the is almost as if God is plucking up those weeds of sin that have been there for so long." It was truely amazing. I was like I was being baptized all over again!!
Also..some of you know the couple that lives next door to Jason and I...well, they were not Christians and we had tried to share with them for so long...then at the first of this year they started to look at houses to buy..Jason and i was heart maybe we didn't do enough. Well, nothing seemed to work out for them to buy a house...shortly after that they started coming to church...and soon gave their hearts to the Lord...they are very active and they were both baptized Sunday as well...and you know I was balling the entire time they were being baptized. Ashley admitted to me that they just came because they figured we would leave them alone if they came and then the Lord grabbed their hearts. Isn't it amazing how God works.Most of their family was there to see Ashley and Travis get baptized..and most of them need Jesus we are praying for them as well. Ashley is also pregnant and due around Jan. 6th. She is starting to have some problems so pray for her and the baby. Her little boy is the one AG plays with all the time.
I got baptized at the age of 7 or 8 after asking Jesus into my heart at 6 years old. I can remember sitting by the bed in my house with my Dad and brother, Corey. We ask Jesus to come into our hearts. Corey got baptized before I did because I was scared to go under the water. Funny..huh. Well, the next time it came around..I went ahead because I knew I needed to and Corey had done it...well, I knew what I was doing, but I did not understand the significance of what I was doing. I was just being dunked in water...I was more worried about choking in the water...then my dress was causing problems and I was worried people would see under my dress. Too many worries to get what I was doing. Well, about 4 years ago..Mom and I both got rebaptized because she was baptized as a young child. When we were...I cannot begin to describe to you the difference I felt. It was such a memorable moment in my life...I understood and had prepared my die to those things inside of me as I was under the water and prepared to come up a new creation...not just transformed..God makes us new..He doesn't rebuild...we are NEW!! How awesome is that!!
Although I was saved at 6 years was a process...I would read my Bible off and on...with my Dad being a preacher and all He would ask us questions to see what God was teaching us...well, I would read just enough to be able to tell him something. I knew I needed to be reading it...but did not make it a priority. I even knew then that I was called to Ministry. I felt that calling so deeply. But I had a long way to go. Well, when I went to college...Rhonda and I went on the journey team retreat...this was at the beginning of our freshmen many people were passionate about God and would read their Bible's and write in their journals about what God was teaching them. They were always sharing with us what God was doing. After that weekend...Rhonda and I would sit on our beds across from each other in New Dorm and do our quite time. I can still remember...that is when God really began to transform me and mold me into more of what He wanted instead of what Amanda was trying to build. It was just a steady growth from there. I can truely say that AU and all the teaching and training along with the friendships helped to transform my live. I guess I really do have to give Eric Pratt credit...all those time he would challenge us and make us do things we really didn't want to do...I understand now why he did those things. I am forever grateful. (EVEN FOR THE PAPERS I HAD TO STAY UP ALL NIGHT DOING SENIOR YEAR!! HAHA!!...still not sure if i actually learned anything from all that though!!)
I challenge you...claim victory in your life today over those things that hold you back from being all that you can be in Christ. What is getting in your way of giving it all to HIM!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

God...and Singing

Well...I have been amazed by God's grace and goodness lately!! I bought this box of prayer cards about 4 years ago...and surprise surprise have not used them a whole lot!! the last week I have started using these prayer cards in my prayer time and ladies they are rocking my world!! They are divided into catergories..about 30 or so for each..for example stronghold, unbelief, overcoming idlotry...and many many more. Well, honestly when I picked them up..I was desperate for a new twist on things and I thought I don't really deal some of these issues but I will pray them anyway...It is a scripture in the form of a prayer...I pray one catergory a day. I have seen more change in my life in these last few days. It is like I just feel so much more peace. I believe that the enemy wants us to belief that hey we are good like we are...we spend time with God..we do the right things..but we still have some issues in our lives that we did not even realize was there. Also...each and everyday I have been able to share one or more of the scriptures with someone I come in contact with. AG is with me and she is saying, "what you doing?" So she repeats some of them as well. I am determined that she is going to be a prayer warrior!! I encourage you ladies...the scriptures are powerful...pray them and allow God to break some of the stronghold that hold us from our "Promised Land." What is it that is holding us back from that place of rest?
A side note...tonight as I was teaching the know boundaries..just whatever..the kids think I am crazy..I will do anything for them to capture the meaning of the lesson...and really connect with God. Well, tonight Paige was not able to be with me as she normally is...Jason had to help me as I had a full full class. Well, when I decide to bust into song...Paige is there to bail me out and help me keep a tune. Well...don't worry not tonight. Jason is as bad if not worse than I am. He will not take offense, we often sing a little duet in the car and just laugh at the damage. I figure that God didn't bless me with the singing..just the dance moves!! HAHA!! I busted into song tonight I had to cut it short..I had no one to bail me out and it was BAD!!!!! HAHAHA!!! I was cracking up and could not hardly sing. The kids were loving it though!!! I just knew you all would get a kick out of my not so good singing self!! Rhonda..remember when Christi had us singing "real good" in her car that night..we were singing harmony!! HAHA! I also sing very loud during praise and worship at church...I have told people that are around me...I can't sing...but I just love Jesus!!! HAHA! I know they are secretly laughing on the inside!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hair Cut & Voting

The place that I get AG's haircut is just wonderful. She could not wait to go in when we pulled up. I did not really want to get it cut...BUT...I do have sad news.....some of her curl is leaving us. It is pretty straight and curls around the bottom. People ask me do I use a curling iron and no I do not. I am hoping that some of it stays, but I am not sure that it will. OH WELL. It is still pretty. When we got it trimmed today...some of the curl did bounce back. Her hair is growing sooo fast...hey but she is too. Lately...she has wanted to wear two tails...for two pigtails. Every once in a while we go through this to where everyday she wants tails and then she wants straight hair as she calls it. Too much fun!!
Today when I went to vote..of course we waited for an hour and a half. We were packed with our gear(juice, snack, baby doll, and books) and ready to wait a while...AG did sooo well. People could not beleive it. She was weary by the time we got to the voting booth...she wanted to see....what's that she kept saying...I would not pick her up because I knew she would be touching the screen and I could not vote...Well, she starts to shake the voting booth and has it rocking. Luckily, I knew exactly my votes and had read the ammendments and was just ready to press the screen in all the right places. I was sooo glad to be able to call it done and leave. She is really sooo good..but I tend to forget that at the trying moments. One of her new smart mouth remarks is....when we are not at home and she knows I forgot the spanking spoon and I threaten to spank...she says spankin spoon at home....I have to remind her that God blessed me with a hand that does just the same job. I do not like to use my hand...but in extreme just has to be done.
Just to let everyone know....Haywood mall has their $5.00 Christian bookstore right now until January...Oh how I love that place...It is right outside of Sears. I found lots and lots of books the other day that were great. I got ladies Bible study books for $3.00. That was great!! need to make a would go crazy in there...I just know.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

AG's New Prayer....

Hello Everyone....I have not blogged much lately. I have been repremanded, so here goes!!
AG is such a prayer warrior...she is one awesome child...we were eating last night and she touched my head and said heal..Jesus Name...then she hugged me and said love you. It was sooo precious. This was just as my mom had done Sunday as she was praying for some ladies at church..she didn't say heal...but she prayed and then hugged them. It is amazing at what children pick up on!! Now as she prays over her meal....this is her new prayer...Lord, "EW MOTHER", AMAAAAN! I will not explain the "EW MOTHER" part, but I do not think that it needs to be!! HAHA! Then, the AMAAAN is so country. I love it.
When I am on the phone with people and I get off...she says, whoas aaat? For who was that? Country once again! She is forever asking me who people are...most of whom I do not know and What is that? She is very curious and asked lots and lots of questions. is so much fun to talk to her. She can finally carry on a conversation with me.
Thursday...she had her school party and she was a bumble bee...I must say she was very very cute....and I have pictures of course (I am once again having some technical problems with the camera...I think). Anyway...yesturday J was able to get off of work and we rode to the was lots of fun. We got homemade fudge and it is very very good. We are still eating on was huge and very rich. It cost $7.00. A little much on price, but worth it! Then, we took a horse and buggy ride, which AG just loved...then, we found the playground, which was the highlight of the day...we had the best time!! This was a huge playground and my child was way brave...which is new for her. She thinks she is grown up even more since starting school. J and I even had fun sliding and acting like kids. AG climbed the rock wall...high for a 2 year old...she made it to the top...with us under her and holding...she kept going down the HUGE slide like nothing. BUT...she will not swing for anything...she doesn't like them anymore and cries. Doesn't make much sense to me, but whatever.
J was much impressed with my playground skills...I told him how we would go to the playground in college....and I was close to getting locked up due to code 42684...but managed to slip by the officers!! HA! They even had an undated seasaw...that was my favorite in elementary school...I would seasaw the entire play time if I could!!
I have some really cool pictures of this as well...but my camera is being hard to deal with. I should have taken the advise of Amy and gotten the other brand camera. I will know next time, it was just a really good sale!! You know me and sales!
Anyway...lots of fun. We were on the road last night, but she did get to dress up for school and got a whole grocery bag full of candy...what 2 year old needs all that? J bagged it and gave it was too tempting to sit and just eat. He is a chocoaholic!! This is the most current and I will try to do better at keeping up!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

2 Year Old Pictures

We had AG's 2 year old pictures made yesturday...just a month behind...we have been a little behind with school starting, etc. was quite a dramatic event! We did get pictures..but she was not in the best of moods to start with..they normally take around 100 pictures...they only did 42. We were just thankful that she decided to smile...we could not keep her hands out of her mouth (this is new when she is uncertain or nervous) or she kept sucking her thumb. So...I am glad that these are done with..I was really close to just saying we will come took at least 10 or 15 minutes just to get one picture. I am not exactly sure what the deal was yesturday. I am starting to wonder if she is cutting her 2 year molars. We have been a bit whinier than usual..runny nose and some bad diapers this week. I guess we shall see.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Today I had to make a return visit to the chiropractor after last weeks craziness. AG and I went after she got out of school so I decided we would run a few errands...I had to run in Rack Room for only a moment...I was wanting a pair of shoes I had seen..but they did not have my size in Anderson...I only go to Greenwood when I go to the chiropractor and could you imagine Jason trying to figure out which shoes they were??? Anyway, when we go in AG says..."my shoes" so we go to her shoes to "LOOK." I decide, hey while we are here I will measure her foot to just see what size it I take off one shoe...I am just looking and I turn around and my child has on her 1 tennis shoe and 1 patten leather (however that is spelled) red shoe. You have to child is girly girl all the way...but we also have a church that does not dress up...come as you are...I mean come on Mommy wears camo and black most Sundays for the dance team....So...then she sees...the black one just like the red and has to try both this time I am just watching and laughing to myself. I just let her have fun...she is shopping like she sees mommy shopping. Well...the problem is she wanted the shoes and she has no need for those shoes....she already has her Sunday shoes for the winter. the clearance rack I go...hoping just hoping I can find some cheap play shoes....we did this earlier in the summer and I got her some dress up shoes for $3.00. Anyway...I do find a white pair for $4.00 but she is unwilling to give up the black pair. Mind you she has on striped sweatpants (pink..brown...etc.) so she is comfy with her patten leather shoes on. So...she is about to have a melt down and I am having to think really quick on how to handle this. I am more than willing to buy the $4 pair for dress up...but not the $24.99 pair that she will not get to wear much at all. It is not practical with the way her foot grows. So...we make a deal and the young college aged guy has been watching this whole deal and is just smiling at her. So....he brings a sucker as I am about to make a deal with her....and it saves the day...all it took was a sucker and a promise that she could wear the shoes anytime she wanted to around the house and to walk Sally (the dog). So...out we head with her new shoes on and one happy child. We had to go to Wal Mart for groceries and we had many admirers of her shoes as she sits with them so that she can admire them and show them off. Then..on the way home...she started saying Ma's we had to go by Ma's to show off the new shoes. She was singing and dancing...she was pulling out some moves I did not know she was capable of doing. I was much impressed...she really has rhythm and can really bust a move ( I think it was the shoes). I am proud of her, if I have to say so myself. It is times like this that I will look back and remember how funny and how much fun it was to watch her grow into the young lady that God made her to be.
Also....I know that she is going to be prayer warrior...her newest prayer now is LORD...with a little inflation of the voice...peace and joy...and Torey (Uncle Corey) gets more prayer than anyone!! Our house will have more peace and joy than anyone I know if she keeps this up!! Bring it on Lord! Also, tonight at dinner...her PURSE got prayer!!! How much fun!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Two Boys...

Ok everyone....I am in need of some prayer!!! My little precious girl is best friends with "2 boys" as she likes to call them. I am not sure we are ready for this venture!!! HAHA!! All she tells me about school is "2 boys" and what they do. The teacher tells me that she absolutely loves a little boy named Jordan and I know the other boy is Bryson...her best friend from next door!!! Isn't this a little early? Today we were talking in the car and I was trying to keep her awake so she would take a good nap at home...well...I was singing and acting crazy...I was telling her that Jesus loves her...I said, "Grace, who loves you? She said "2 boys!" What? She was supposed to say Jesus!!! Anyway, I ask her what they talk about and she says "Comon, boys!" I ask her who was in charge and she said Grace in charge!!! Oh my...we may have a bossy one on our hands. Then, she keeps talking about a little girl Lannie in her class. She is starting to act really silly at school. I guess I should not be too surprised...I always seemed to have more guy friends anyway...I was surrounded by boys with my 3 brothers. I do believe that is why she is friends with the boys in her class more...with my brothers and the people who hangout around here...mostly boys...she is just used to it. One of our friend's Thomas...she just loves him to death. I wish you could hear her say his is sooo cute. Anyway, I just wanted to share the cute story with you. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful little girl and husband!!

By the way, I went back to the chiropractor today and all is well....I am walking normal now and very little to no pain. I am still being extremely careful. I was getting worried on Mon. I had never felt pain like that...exept AG and hernia surgery. That pain was expected...but to hurt yourself and not know what what could come of it gets a little scary!! So..thanks for the prayers. After Jonathan's emergency back surgery last year...I am very careful with my back. So...thanks and everyone have a great...wonderful..blessed day!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Praise Report

Thank you everyone for your prayers!!! I am feeling much better...walking much better but still hurting. When I went today it was better just really swollen and inflamed. He said it may take a few days but I should be good as new soon!!! YAH!!!

Also...AG got put in time out for the first time at school...I know this is crazy, but I am sort of glad...that means she is getting used to the environment. She did not cry at all when I left her today. YIPEE!! Her and Bryson (the little boy from next door) would not listen and kept going into the closet after the teacher told them not to...they were of course laughing the entire time like it was a game. Since they would not listen she had to put them in timeout. It is funny to hear her talk about it...AG's version, "sit and brys...out...closet!!!" The teacher says she laughs all the time...surprise this really my child??? I never laugh!!! HAHA!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Prayer Please....

I really need you guys to pray....I can barely walk due to my lower lower back/tail bone area hurting. I went to our chiropractor today...who by the way is just wonderful...a great friend of ours...he did x-rays and I have not broken anything (Praise the Lord!)..just bruised and inflamed..a disc is hitting an inflamed nerve...and my hip is out of line...sooo...I can't bend very well...pick up AG...hardly anything that puts pressure on it...he told me to rest..(haha that's funny with a 2 year old) and ice frequently and have to return tomorrow for more treatment..When sitting I am having to sit on AG's boppy..and try to find a place that I can tolerate the pain..AG has been a great help and listened great for the short amount of time that we have been alone..She is concerned as to why mommy is acting so strange and I have had to tell her that I am sick...she understands that somewhat..she was feeding me ealier today..and saying More? K. and feed me....So...pray that the pain would subside and that it would go away quickly!!! I know that God has a sense of humor and sometimes has to get our attention in crazy ways to get us to slow down...and quit over committing..maybe this is one of those things...who knows??? Just praise God that I am breathing and the Lord has blessed me beyond measure!!!
Also...AG had her 2 year old check-up today and Mom so graciously helped took me forever to get to the 3rd floor of the Anmed Center...(I felt like I did after having AG and after hernia surgery...the walk is very funny! I got funny looks too!! HAHAHA!) Anyway...she is doing great...she will not have to go back until 3!!! She weighed 23 lbs. and 33 inches tall. She gained 3 lbs. since March (1 and half check up.) She said they like for them to gain about 4 a year and she had done that...but all in the last 6 child is finally growing!!! She is in the 25% for height and 15% for weight. Dr. Draisen said a lot of people may say "oh, she is small for 2," but she is ok..she is progressing nicely..she may be on the petite side.I never knew my mother-in-law due to her dying in a plane crash about 13 years ago...I have been told AG is built sort of like her....I wish I would have known her..It would be nice to have the Jason baby stories...and the little details Mom's remember.
Have a tremendous day everyone!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Zone....

As most of you know....our church opened up a non-profit youth center last year called "The Zone" where youth in the area can come for free and play pong...pool...fooseball...air station all for free. Our church staffs The Zone through volunteer help and we also give away free food. It cost the kids nothing to come in,which some people can not even understand or believe. was so amazing...I had really wanted to do something like this for a long time....when I served through the NAMB in primary job was to run a youth center in the similar get grants...etc. But I thought to myself how in the world will this ever be able to money...etc. is a building in downtown HP and we painted it cool colors...the youth love and orange...(Under Construction is the is an underlying name...We pray that each child that comes through the doors would be changed by God Himself...If they do not know Him....want to know Him.) We do not try to push the kids to come to church...we build relationships and become their friends so to speak...well....don't worry I know all about the girlfriends and boyfriends...what cool and what's not...I am some of their best buds...they can't wait to tell me what's the latest scoop..
My point is how God has sooooo graciously supplied all of our needs...when we purchased the building the vision that I felt like God had given me was way out and how would it come together...Dad wanted to make it nice..but I was about to tear a building upside down...(He did not know that). He paid for people to come and paint the colors...Yellow on top, black slim middle stripe and big orange to the bottom...well, I was about to have murals and scripture all over the walls.... splatter paint everywhere...Well..thanks to youth and many volunteers the vision was brought forth....we spent very little money getting this take place due to me getting sponsors....Then, I had been wanting authentic road signs...someone came by and gave us all the road signs we needed...the DMV was about to throw them out..they were old ones and he got them....we wanted old ones...we are under construction you know?
Last night...we had our big kickoff event with Ron Scarborough...he does the scoreboard with WRIX on Fri. nights...he came last year and did again this year to host live at "THE ZONE"...well, it cost us a lot to have him because it is also a 5th Quarter...we give free pizzas and drinks...last year we got 15 of the 30 pizzas donated...but this year ALL 30 PIZZAS PLUS PLATES AND NAPKINS came from Papa Johns....I thank God for their generous donation...we gave to kids last night who can't afford to go and do things like we can...well...that is not the end...we came out with around $1100.00 extra last night since drinks were donated and cups after donations and paying Ron. This will last us through the end of school...but we still have a few more businesses to talk with. How amazing is God!!!! I am so excited and I pray that God would just bring in the kids who really need Him and we can be that place....we are currently open on Thursdays...3:30-5 and Fri. nights. Oh...we had more than 100 kids come through last night...that is alot for HP...the town only has about 200...haha!! On Thursdays..we are averaging about 35-40. Anyway...please add this to your prayer list..I have been meeting with the schools and trying to work with them...and trying to figure out what times work best for us to be open and have enough staff to carry it forth. Pray that I would have wisdom..we are trying lots of new things this year...since we have 1 year down..we can branch out and do more. Thank you JESUS!!!
Also...a place called Extreme Refuge is open across the is a good friend of ours..they sell skateboarding and paintball equipment..He also does a Bible Study with the kids on Tues. nights..we are trying to work together as a town to provide a place for our young people...Pray for them as well...that God would provide and that lives would be changed.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Josh....We will miss you....

This is our friend Josh...he attends music with AG each week...they have been friends for about 7 months and now we have found out the sad news that he may be moving this weekend or the next. We will miss him dearly. He is so much fun and he loves to scoot all around...he loves me too!!

Party Pictures...

Sorry (AMY) for the Lack of Posting Updates!!!!

Ok...I have been sooo busy and cannot seem to catch up.
To catch everyone up....AG turned 2 on August 30th and we had a wonderful party....I will post pics...I have tried to add something super cool...but oh well it would not post to my blog...not sure why!!! Anyway, she had lots of fun...we had face painting...Dunkin Donut craft necklaces that they were able to time ( I think this was the highlight)...then, we had cake time...We made individual cupcakes for each child with a candle and they loved it....then I had a book that I wrapped for each child to open when AG opened gifts and that was a hit....Rachel wins the excitement award for this part of the party...she laughed and kept saying...I just love books!!! Then, we let balloons go outside...this was sooo much fun (this idea came due to the fact that AG loves to let balloons go and say that they are going to see JeJe (Jesus)...the children had a blast...then we ended with party favors...(thanks to Paige..she put this together as I was doing other party preperations) we gave out rice krispy treats cut in the shape of a #2. Thanks to all the ones who helped....a lot of help was needed since I decided to make AG's cake and had never done one before. Amy received a stress call on Fri. evening from Rhonda and I...she is the one who encouraged me and told me I could do it (along with Rhonda). I just wanted it to be special and I love things that are done by hand with love (if I can) rather than just buying.
Then, on Tuesday (Sept. 2ne)....AG started pre-school.....AH....what a change....she goes on Tues. and Thurs. from 8:30-11:00. Bryson...her best buddy from next door goes as well. She has a blast...the first day I had to go to the school...the teacher could not get her to stop crying a pitching a major fit...Soooo...she did not want her to have a bad experience the first day of school..I stayed for about 30 minutes and left...she was fine for the rest of the time. Now she usually cries when I first leave her...but done within about 2 seconds. Last week I had to hold her to get her in...this week...she is walking herself in!! Before long..she will ask Mommy to drop her off at the end of the street!!I felt that this would be good for her...we do music and library..but I am with her...I wanted her to have a chance to get used to being away from me...She is social but more reserved at times and gets nervous in loud settings...well...sister child had better get over is loud at times..I know I had a room full of 2nd graders...the louder the better! Anyway...I needed the time to do my church work as well. I am getting alot done...that is great! I feel like I am more together...just having 2 and a half hours makes a huge difference.
So I hope that this catches you up somewhat..I will try to do better...

Friday, August 15, 2008


OK..I know I have not posted in a here has been extremely busy and I am not sure how it has gotten sooo crazy!!! I do have some new pictures to post..but need to download them to my computer...I will do that, I promise.

  • Anna Grace is in to EVERYTHING these days and wanting to CLIMB on everything...and JUMPING on her big girl bed is her new favorite thing, in which she gets in trouble for. She is not standing on her head and trying to flip over...what has happened to my baby? I thought before she was into it all...but nothing like now. I am amazed at how her walking calmly has turned into running like a crazy person through the house. It is amazing at how quickly they change..she now carries on conversations with me. Like the other day...she kept wanting me to paint her fingernails and toenails.....she kept saying PAINT and NAILS over and over. But each day she is adding more and more words.
  • My new favorite things she has started doing in the last month is praying on her own for her meals....she says..."Thank you Je-Je...Amen!!" I know it is not a lot of words..but she is not even two!! When we say our bedtime prayers ...we pray and she prays..only God knows what she is saying most of the time..sometimes I think she prays for everyone she knows. I love it!!!
  • She also loves to climb all the way to the top of the toys at Chick-Chick as of two weeks ago. took us a while to get there, but that is ok. I think this is what has made her a little more brave at home.
  • Oh...she has a sense of humor...she cuts up quite a bit and talks alot (babbles)..I know that you all are surprised...but now she says "I funny!" I think it is really cute. This started last week. I think my brothers have helped bring out the hyper in her and the sillies!! ( I know it was not me!!!) She gets the dance moves from me!!! HAHA!!!

I just pray everyday that the Lord would give us the wisdom we need to raise a child with a "HEART" after God. If you have not read the book "Creative Corrections" by Lisa Welschel ... it is a must read for a mommy. They also have the Bible Study book and I love them both. It helps us to remember the role that God has placed us in and we must except the challenge. What we do now will greatly effect their future. NOW is the time..we cannot wait until they are teenagers to enforce what we want them to do. The Creative Corrections book gives lots of ideas on how to deal with different issues and how to be sure that we are balanced in our discipline...we do not want to just discipline our child and not explain what they did wrong and why it is wrong according to scripture. It is alot. We also do not want to just explain why it is wrong and not punish!! When I taught 2nd grade at Greenwood Christian School...we had to talk with each child about why they were in trouble and why it was wrong according to God's was tough at first..but I did find a handy little cheat book..."Parenting with Scripture" has the scriptures catergorized into categories...for example.."cheating, lying, etc." It was really a great help. Then, if a child had trouble with a specific area...that scripture was taped to their desk as a really did help...more than any other tactic I had tried. GCS was great at training us on those kinds of things...I am so grateful for that..because alot it has been helpful with AG!!! Sorry have to read this...I have talked about this sooo much..but I am passionate about it...and I think one thing with a lot of parents (not the ones reading this blog) are uneducated and do not know what to do. They are tricked by the enemy into thinking...I love my child too much to punish them or not let them do this or that..they love doing that..they are cute. Well, all that is true..they are love them a lot..but too much NOT TO DISCIPLINE. I am surrounded by people like that and I have a desire to see different. I want to thank all you mothers for sewing into my life and encouraging me...along with giving me all kinds of great ideas...without you the road would have been a little tougher.

Anyway...I hope you all have a lovely weekend...and hopefully I will be able to post some pics a little later.....I have some great pics and a FUNNY STORY TO SHARE!!! AMY, I LOVE YOU!!!... just remember that as I post my next blog..k!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Visit From Grand Dad!!

I did not mean to put two pictures of the same...but oh well!!

Grand Dad lives in Lexington so we do not get to see him as often as we would like. He came for a visit on Saturday and AG had a blast. She wanted to go for a ride in Grand Dad's truck and that she did. Whatever she wants she gets!! You know how Grandparents are. I am convinced that she would have went home with Grand Dad if we would have let her. In the last picture she was trying to lock the door so that I would not get her, but I got her anyway!!

Too Good to be True!!!

As most of you know by now...AG LOVES Dunkin Donut Munchkins....( And I must add I love; or should I say addicted to their coffee.) WELL...Are you ready for the big announcement??? You better be sitting down because here it comes
I found this out a couple of months ago, but did not really want to get my heart set on it because I was affraid it would not happen!! Well, last week the signs went up!!! It is official, it opens on August 18th. My parent's wedding anniversary is August 19th...we thought we could just have a celebration party there. I told them they could just camp out all night waiting on them to open!! HAHA!! Anyway, J said when I was told about the DD coming to town I was more excited than when he proposed to me!! That is not true. I know some of you are thinking...why the excitement...well, the old HP doesn't have a lot to choose from and this is huge for us!!!
It is sort of sad though...everyone knows me at the one in Anderson...I frequently get free stuff...and my stuff is always waiting on me from the time they see my car pull in. They told my dad the other day, who frequents the DD as well (He only drinks the sweets for him...he's lost tons of weight and will not touch anything sweet!!) that I was their favorite customer. I think that is because of AG!!
Anyway, I did not want you all to miss out on such a pivotal moment in our lives in HP!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Music Is sooo Much FUN!!!

This is AG at our weekly music class. We get to dance & sing, play drums, play sticks, shakers, hoop, etc. AG loves music time...Each week when we pull in she just laughs and says "sic" for MUSIC!! We were out for 4 weeks and then we started back last is really neat. We have two German families that have 3 children each and 1 family from Aulstalia that has one little boy. AG is getting cultural at 23 months. It is good for her. I like her being exposed to different things. I am hoping that she will have a love for music!!

First Haircut!!!

Ok... I was going to try and do this cute thing of pictures, but I could not get it to work!!! Hey..I am new at this you know?!? Anyway, AG got her first haircut this week. These pictures are a progression of her was so long and now it seems sooo short. But it is doing way better and the curls bounce more than ever. It was much needed. Ms. Tara was great. It makes all the difference in the world who cuts your child's hair at this age. She allowed her to play for a few minutes...we talked about the cool car she was going to sit in....gave her a sucker...let her watch Blues Clues and all. It was lots of fun...probably more fun for Mommy than her. Then, she ended her day with a "BAG" of munchkins from Uncle Jon Jon...he doesn't know the mommy rule of no muchkins this close to bedtime "AND" the limit is 2 and not a bagfull!!! You can tell she knew the rules had been broken!!! It's ok though this one time.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Ok...I am struggling really bad with getting pictures to transfer to my blog....the ones that are on here were transferred from a CD to Picassa...the most recent ones were sent from my camera to Kodak...that is the only way the save to my computer....well...any picture in Kodak will not transfer to my blog...any suggestions or tips??? I have tried everything I know to try.

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful weekend. God Bless!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

What a week!!!

OK....this has been one crazy week...I do not know who I think I am....I have been in this redecoration...make it my own self way in the past few weeks. I have painted and decorated one bathroom in our house and beginning work on the second one...I am having trouble with picking out the paint color....we have color in all rooms and I am about color picked out. Anyway, we have this old ugly microwave cart that was inherited from the little yellow house J and I bought when we first got married. Well, we want new bedroom furniture but considering that our air unit went out and had to be replaced last month...that will not be happening as quickly as we thought. So....I thought I will just paint the microwave cart that holds our is hidious. Anyway, Rhonda went with me to pick out paint color samples for the front bathroom and get the black paint for the microwave cart....all was great....she left....I decided on a bathroom color after weeks of this point the wall is a mural of colors and quite ugly might I add after I have sampled different ideas. Well, I was excited and was bringing in my quart of black paint....don't worry I dropped it in the floor....the only carpeted room in the house and now we have this huge black spot that refuses to come up after hours of cleanup. I have just thought about getting a bunch of black paint and just making our carpet all black....anyway, it has been one incident after another. NOW...I have black paint under my fingernails that will not come out. I have tried everything and soaked them in paint thinner for a few seconds...I was affraid it may eat my hand up..anyway...crazy crazy crazy...
Although I ruined the carpet I realized that it was not that big of a deal...yeah I ruined carpet, but what is that in relation to the grand scheme of life. I have a Savior who loves me dearly....He paid the ultimate price for my sin that I may have eternal life....yeah...I may have had a crazy stressful kind of week due to several incidents that were similar....and why I do not understand...but guess what? God went through so much more than spilled paint...He took stripes on His back for us. He faced more hardship than we can ever imagine. I pray daily that the Lord would help me to see things through His eyes and His perspective....what is a spot of spilled paint anyway? I am just thankful that I have a roof over my head, wonderful friends and family and a Savior who loves me unconditionally!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


AG loves to spend time with her Pa...Pa as she says with her county twang. She copies each and everything that we say....It is so funny...since Pa..Pa is a preacher...she will imitate him and pray for people. How funny is that? I had to buy her a little Kid piano that has a microphone attached to it...she loves to pretend to sing and play like Pa...Pa does when he leads worship at church. At church when she is in the nursery...when we get up to do drama...she is doing it in the nursery and trying to get the other children to join in. I hope that my little one will not be a bosy one!! HA!! She loves to wear his glasses as well....but don't worry those are not his pearls...HA!! Those are Mama's...she loves to wear my jewelry.

Quality Time

I have been a little busy most of you know Jason and I bought an older home after we got married....well it has needed one renovation after another. Most of the renovations we have taken upon ourselves...well...lately I have been painting and redecorating bathrooms..I have watched way too much HGTV. It is turning out really nice...I am very excited because my mom, AG, and myself went bargain shopping today for the bathroom and I found tons of cool stuff...It is almost done with the exception of changing the mirror and light. God is sooo good. I spent $50.00 and got all the stuff I needed. It was well over $200.00 dollars worth of stuff. I went to Michael's after purchasing one piece and they had it for $89.99...I got mine for $19.99. That was the most expensive piece, another was marked for $16.99 and I got it for $5.99. Jason thinks that I am gifted to shop for great deals...he says I should get paid to shop the bargains for others. It is my goal to get something as cheap as I can get it.
Anyway...before all this we went to our weekly library reading time....AG did sooo well....she loves to read book, sing, do crafts, and puzzles. She is sooo good at crafts and puzzles these days. It makes me a little sad to watch her...she has grown way too fast and she is no longer my baby baby, but more and more each day turning into a little princess. I look in on her each night before I go to bed...I have to be sure she is not too close to the edge of her bed...she insisted on moving to her big bed about a month and a half ago...I think that is really early...but my child is Ms. Independent. I do not think she liked being trapped in the "BABY BED." She has the freedom to move if she wants...we do allow her to "read books" if she would is soooo cute. When she gets sleepy...which is usually really quick...she puts them up and goes right to sleep. I was thinking the other night...being in the big bed means she is really not a baby any longer. It is soo important to savor every precious moment we have with our children. Time flies way too quickly. I love spending all my time with her. She is way too much fun...(Hint: she does wear me out though!).

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Amazing Day!! was an amazing day. I was able to either see or talk to 3 of my best friends, which does not usually happen all at once. I had lunch with Rhonda and it was wonderful. We have not had much time together lately due to hectic schedules.
Then, I met Baby Jay for the first time. I wanted to meet him last week, but was not able to. Beth is doing wonderful and she was sooo calm. It was amazing. He is sooo precious and so is his big handsome brother. AG and W had a wonderful time playing was really their first time since they have not seen each other since she was a baby baby.
Then...on the way home I was able to talk with Amy...and Nor Nor who is super sweet and cute...she did get to eat at chic-ill-lay today "and" talked to the cow. How precious. My child is addicted as well. I think it is a girl thing...we went to the zoo a few weeks ago and Nor Nor kept running into things because she was not watching where she was daughter does the exact same thing. Tug Tug on the other hand had it all under control. UM....GIRLS!!! was just a wonderful day and I am reminded of how blessed I am to have great friends whom I can laugh with and confide in. Thank you ladies!! I love you.

Monday, June 23, 2008

The NO NO War!!

Ok...I knew that when my daughter was born she was going to be strong willed...I just is as if God spoke into my ear. I also knew and still know that she will have a heart after God...See I think that sometimes I am too difficult with things...but I did not just pick a name for my little one...Jason and I were riding down the road...we had only knew I was pregnant for 1 day and had not told anyone yet. We were already picking out names...we could only come up with one name...Anna Grace....that was it.. I knew at that moment I was pregnant with a girl. I just way to explain...just knew. Anyway, I loved the name Grace, but did not want her called Grace...So...Anna is mentioned in the Bible only once in Luke 2:36-38. "She served God with fastings and prayers night and day." This is what I want for my be so in love with the Father..that she is willing to give all. It doesn't matter what time of day..she is willing to sacrifice for the Father who gave the ultimate sacrifice for her. Then, of course Anna means Grace so her name means GRACE-GRACE!!! At the time...I had not heard the name Anna I hear it everywhere I go.
It has been a battle the last few days for sure...she is trying our patience. She loves the NO word at the current moment. We are having to be patient, concistant and firm. It is not always easy, but I know that it is best for her. It is that "sin nature" rising up in her. I know that this too will pass. She loves devotion and prayer time, matter of fact she loves to pray already!!! She loves to dance and worship the Lord. So I know that she is already developing a love for God.
I know that Satan has a plan for us and our little ones. Do you have a plan for your family. What are your spiritual goals? Are you daily working towards seeing those accomplished in your family? Many times we set goals for every other area, but not for our spiritual well being. It is time to rise to the occasion. No one else will look out for us and our families!!!
Moms, I am not an expert..but want to challenge us not grow weary in well doing. When we are facing issues...don't let our patience wear too thin...if we are going to "train our children in the way they should go," we have to explain things to them...we cannot discipline without explanation...why is this wrong? What does God's Word say about this? Are we modeling before them? "More is caught than taught!" The things we do will inturn be the things that our children do. Do we lead a life of devotion and prayer? Do not shut your children out of your relationship with Christ. Let them have prayer time with you...see you reading the Word of God. If they see how much you love to spend time in His presence...they will love it also. It is our job to train them and raise them up to be a generation on fire for God. It is not up to our churches to see this happen. It is the parent's place. So I encourage you to stand in the gap for your children now as never before!!
Yesturday at church we had baby dedication...parent's giving their children back to the dance team did a song called "Revolution." ...It speaks of the children raising up and being used of God NOW rather than waiting until they become adults. It was powerful!!! WOW!!! We actually added children to it to make it more realistic to a generation that is being raised up in Christ.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Why Moove Over Munchkin??

I was talking to my friend Beth who just had a precious new baby boy of whom I will get to meet for the very first time tomorrow....we were talking about blogging...she is a real champ and one of the people who encouraged me to blog...

Why in the world would I name my blog MOOVE OVER MUNCHKIN???

Well, those of you who know me well...I make an "ALMOST DAILY" stop by Dunkin Donuts...let me add I am a fan of the daughter on the other hand is a fan of the munchkins...she will see a sign a mile away and start to scream do-nut do-nut...I think it was one of her first 10 sad is that?? They love her so much in there that I never have to pay for her munchkins and sometimes get my coffee free....When we come through the door...they say.."Here comes my baby!!" That means you are hooked if they know you by name and know your order....


I had some trouble getting the pic to download on my post a minute ago....I am still learning...

In the picture...
Brittany, Me, Paige, and Jonathan


As most of you know I had a good time dancing in college....Rhonda and I were a part of the Journey Team and would do interpretive movements....well...I'm still doing them...when Bethany World Outreach Center (BWOC) was started we started doing them each and every Sunday. We have moved into much more complicated stuff than "Shout to the Lord." Might I add...what a struggle to learn for Rhonda and I. Whew...we were in some pain...Now...We do more dance and I am somewhat of a champ...I am usually the LAST to learn the song....and the one most likely to mess up...HA!! You all remember the Scuffle Town days...Whew, what a mess for me!! But, when it came to freestyle..I had it going on. But, When God is in it...He takes it and makes it something as long as we are trying our best and ask for His annointing to flow through us.

AG loves music and moving to the beat...that should be no surprise to you. I have these videos at home of children doing dance and drama...she can do the entire thing...I am working on getting pics that I can put on here. She is sooo cute...I guess she sees me and the others practice way too much.

These are pics of some of us being silly after church after we had done "Freedom" by Jason Upton. If you are looking for a great CD that is power packed...that is a good one.

Father's Day

Yesturday was Father's was a great day...full of family fun. Hopefully soon I will be able to share some pics with you...I am having some technical difficulty getting them added...I think "I" am the technical difficulty.

Anyway....I was thinking yesturday of how we were honoring our Fathers....Think of what our Father's have done for is amazing if we think back....but more than that..."What has our Heavenly Father done for us?" Our earthly fathers are wonderful and I would not be where I am today without my Father's love and guidance...but where would we be without the love and grace of our Heavenly Father??? Wow, what a concept! Did you thank your Heavenly Father and honor Him yesturday? It is more than words...we need to quit talking the talk and "walk the walk." That is the true evidence of the Father's work in our hearts and lives. It is one thing to say something and another to live it out. We should be contagious Christians..people that others want to be around because of the love that flows from our life.

I pray that if you have not accepted the Father's love for will. You are His treasure and He died on the cross for You!!!! I am saying a prayer for you today. Be Blessed!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Knight Gang

This was a family picture we did for my parents for Christmas....Matthew is in the front holding row...Paige and Jonathan...Corey holding L and Renee...then Jason and I in the back.

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Aunt Amanda

This is me holding L when he was almost a day old. Renee was going to be induced on October 8th...but L had different arrangements.....he could not wait to meet me....Renee and I went to Greenwood on Monday...her first day off of work so that she would have the week to prepare for L. Well....we were just shopping and having fun...but then we just felt like we needed to get home. She went home and called me around 8 PM and said I think my water just broke....needless to say I got all excited and jumped in high gear....we were up all night long. L was born over in the morning...maybe around 4 AM...October 2nd. Forgive me short term memory is gone...just ask Rhonda. Renee allowed me to stay in the room during delivery, so L and I got to bond immediately. He is soooo precious. I love you, baby!!

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Little Mama....

This is AG already trying to "Little Mama" to L. She can be quite bossy and demanding. This was his first Sunday to church...we bought them matching outfits....AG had pink and L had beige. They are going to be super close... I just know it. AG loves L to death and I know this had to be the way I was when Corey was born. It must be the mothering instinct. I am still trying to tell them (my brothers) what to do. HA!! I don't get by with that anymore. I love you all!!!
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The Fam....

Now this is one of my favorite pictures. It was the day of AG's dedication in September 2006. After church we met in Greenwood at Outback for lunch. This is Jason's entire family AND my entire family. That is one of the hardest things to accomplish, but we did least this once. Thank you Lord for blessing us with such wonderful family!!! I am sure AG felt the love that day. On Jason's side she is the last grandchild (so far) of 9.

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Proud Grandparents!!!

These are my parents...Pastors Rick and Theresa Knight. I am the oldest of 4. I am 29, I have a brother Corey (28), Jonathan (22) and Matthew (19). So needless to say AG is spoiled by so many uncles. Corey is married to Renee who have a little boy I will call L. He is 8 1/2 months old. L and AG are 13 months apart just like Corey and I. My parents feel like they did when Corey and I were born except for the fact that they can spoil and send home. Jonathan is married to Paige. They do not have children at this point. AND....Matthew is still waiting on Mrs. Right to come along. He is just having fun with friends.
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WIth AG in the hospital...

This was the next day... I was finally able to eat....get a shower....with lots of pain and hold Anna Grace. I was glad to actually get a shower, get up and see people. It has always made me feel better even when I am feeling bad to get a shower and put my make-up on. Some people thought I was crazy...but hey whatever works.

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I am going to add some photos to update you on the happenings of us. This is Jason, AG, and I a few moments after she was born. AG was due on August 28th, but she did not want to enter the world at that time. I went to the hospital on Tuesday at 4 PM and my water had started to trickle. They decided to induce me and finished breaking my water. I was in labor for 22 long hours and then I had to have a c-section. It was worth every pain and amount of time. AG was born August 30, 2006.

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

About Me

I am very new at this and I have been trying to get things moving....I thought really you may want to know a little bit about me. I am 29 years old and I am married to the most wonderful man on the planet. We have a little girl who I will refer to as AG. She will be 2 August 30th. I do not know where the time goes. I have the wonderful privilege of being able to work from home. I am the children's and youth minister of Bethany World Outreach Center. I am so blessed to be able to spend each and every day with my daughter. She makes me sooo happy. I love being able to hang out with her and do what we do.

Throughout this blog I hope that you will be is not about me...God created me and there are lots of things going on in my life..but I hope that I can point you to Jesus in all that I say throughtout this blog. I hope that my life is a reflection of Him!!!

Cleaning Out!

Today has been an extremely good day. I have been busy around the house. As they say a mother's job is never done. I truely believe that. I have been cleaning out and decluttering this house. It is amazing at how much stuff you can let pile up if you do not stay on top of it. Mail is the worst.....we get soooo much mail....if we don't deal with it immediatly we have a mound of mail.

Just like our homes...our lives can get cluttered with so much other rather than the things of God. It is important that we do not let other things crowd out our most precious time with the Heavenly Father who created us and cares for us so much. When we let these other things take the place of Him there is no room for Him. Our peace starts to slowly go away. We need peace...a peace that comes only from God. When we have a "cleaned out" life we can effectively love others and share the love of God. We can be the disciple that God called us to be. Wow!!!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Father's Day Weekend. We are spending time with family!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Getting Started!!

Ok....tonight Rhonda was at my house for her birthday week celebration and we were looking at all kinds of fun blogs!!! SO.....we decided that I should do one!! How much fun?? Anyway, you may want to bear with me....I am new at blogging and not sure about what I am doing so it may take a few days to get up and running.