Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sorry (AMY) for the Lack of Posting Updates!!!!

Ok...I have been sooo busy and cannot seem to catch up.
To catch everyone up....AG turned 2 on August 30th and we had a wonderful party....I will post pics...I have tried to add something super cool...but oh well it would not post to my blog...not sure why!!! Anyway, she had lots of fun...we had face painting...Dunkin Donut craft necklaces that they were able to time ( I think this was the highlight)...then, we had cake time...We made individual cupcakes for each child with a candle and they loved it....then I had a book that I wrapped for each child to open when AG opened gifts and that was a hit....Rachel wins the excitement award for this part of the party...she laughed and kept saying...I just love books!!! Then, we let balloons go outside...this was sooo much fun (this idea came due to the fact that AG loves to let balloons go and say that they are going to see JeJe (Jesus)...the children had a blast...then we ended with party favors...(thanks to Paige..she put this together as I was doing other party preperations) we gave out rice krispy treats cut in the shape of a #2. Thanks to all the ones who helped....a lot of help was needed since I decided to make AG's cake and had never done one before. Amy received a stress call on Fri. evening from Rhonda and I...she is the one who encouraged me and told me I could do it (along with Rhonda). I just wanted it to be special and I love things that are done by hand with love (if I can) rather than just buying.
Then, on Tuesday (Sept. 2ne)....AG started pre-school.....AH....what a change....she goes on Tues. and Thurs. from 8:30-11:00. Bryson...her best buddy from next door goes as well. She has a blast...the first day I had to go to the school...the teacher could not get her to stop crying a pitching a major fit...Soooo...she did not want her to have a bad experience the first day of school..I stayed for about 30 minutes and left...she was fine for the rest of the time. Now she usually cries when I first leave her...but done within about 2 seconds. Last week I had to hold her to get her in...this week...she is walking herself in!! Before long..she will ask Mommy to drop her off at the end of the street!!I felt that this would be good for her...we do music and library..but I am with her...I wanted her to have a chance to get used to being away from me...She is social but more reserved at times and gets nervous in loud settings...well...sister child had better get over is loud at times..I know I had a room full of 2nd graders...the louder the better! Anyway...I needed the time to do my church work as well. I am getting alot done...that is great! I feel like I am more together...just having 2 and a half hours makes a huge difference.
So I hope that this catches you up somewhat..I will try to do better...


tug-tugandnor-nor's mommy said...

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I needed to see something new on this blog-page. And I'll have to share with you later my lastest anti-Facebook rant. :) hahaha