Friday, February 5, 2010

The New Addition to Our Family

Ok....I have not blogged in forever but I am affraid that if I do not get pictures up of NG some people will disown me....I know I know...sorry!!!
NG was born January 11th...he weighed 9 lbs. 5 oz. and was 20 5/8 inches long. I knew I was in much pain for some reason...I had the feeling he was a big baby but I never dreamed that big....
Life with 2 is definitely different..but we love it..He fits right into our crazy world....our family would be so lost without him! I am just completely drained from no sleep...and hoping he will fall in line with ag and sleep through the night soon!!! I can hope right?!? are the promised photos...
The one with Jason it...Noah loves story/devotion time each glad...he better get used to it!! Ag is such a good big sister...we have had some challenges but over all...she loves it and would not know what to do without him!! The ones of me and J are when we were getting ready to leave the hospital...we thought we would never leave...we left on Thursday and had not seen AG since Monday morning since she got the worse stomach virus ever and too sick to visit...they would not even let Mom and Dad since she was staying with them!! It was hard...we were ready to see her!! The one of me in the hospital gown...don't worry that was right out of recovery...I had my makeup bag and bobby pins ready after that crazy hat thing I had to wear...I was putting on a little make up and throwing up all at once...Mom now laughs at me being so crazy about my makeup and throwing up...but after AG...whew I looked rough!!!! I was hoping to look like I had a little life in me this time!!! LOL