Thursday, September 25, 2008

Two Boys...

Ok everyone....I am in need of some prayer!!! My little precious girl is best friends with "2 boys" as she likes to call them. I am not sure we are ready for this venture!!! HAHA!! All she tells me about school is "2 boys" and what they do. The teacher tells me that she absolutely loves a little boy named Jordan and I know the other boy is Bryson...her best friend from next door!!! Isn't this a little early? Today we were talking in the car and I was trying to keep her awake so she would take a good nap at home...well...I was singing and acting crazy...I was telling her that Jesus loves her...I said, "Grace, who loves you? She said "2 boys!" What? She was supposed to say Jesus!!! Anyway, I ask her what they talk about and she says "Comon, boys!" I ask her who was in charge and she said Grace in charge!!! Oh my...we may have a bossy one on our hands. Then, she keeps talking about a little girl Lannie in her class. She is starting to act really silly at school. I guess I should not be too surprised...I always seemed to have more guy friends anyway...I was surrounded by boys with my 3 brothers. I do believe that is why she is friends with the boys in her class more...with my brothers and the people who hangout around here...mostly boys...she is just used to it. One of our friend's Thomas...she just loves him to death. I wish you could hear her say his is sooo cute. Anyway, I just wanted to share the cute story with you. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful little girl and husband!!

By the way, I went back to the chiropractor today and all is well....I am walking normal now and very little to no pain. I am still being extremely careful. I was getting worried on Mon. I had never felt pain like that...exept AG and hernia surgery. That pain was expected...but to hurt yourself and not know what what could come of it gets a little scary!! So..thanks for the prayers. After Jonathan's emergency back surgery last year...I am very careful with my back. So...thanks and everyone have a great...wonderful..blessed day!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Praise Report

Thank you everyone for your prayers!!! I am feeling much better...walking much better but still hurting. When I went today it was better just really swollen and inflamed. He said it may take a few days but I should be good as new soon!!! YAH!!!

Also...AG got put in time out for the first time at school...I know this is crazy, but I am sort of glad...that means she is getting used to the environment. She did not cry at all when I left her today. YIPEE!! Her and Bryson (the little boy from next door) would not listen and kept going into the closet after the teacher told them not to...they were of course laughing the entire time like it was a game. Since they would not listen she had to put them in timeout. It is funny to hear her talk about it...AG's version, "sit and brys...out...closet!!!" The teacher says she laughs all the time...surprise this really my child??? I never laugh!!! HAHA!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Prayer Please....

I really need you guys to pray....I can barely walk due to my lower lower back/tail bone area hurting. I went to our chiropractor today...who by the way is just wonderful...a great friend of ours...he did x-rays and I have not broken anything (Praise the Lord!)..just bruised and inflamed..a disc is hitting an inflamed nerve...and my hip is out of line...sooo...I can't bend very well...pick up AG...hardly anything that puts pressure on it...he told me to rest..(haha that's funny with a 2 year old) and ice frequently and have to return tomorrow for more treatment..When sitting I am having to sit on AG's boppy..and try to find a place that I can tolerate the pain..AG has been a great help and listened great for the short amount of time that we have been alone..She is concerned as to why mommy is acting so strange and I have had to tell her that I am sick...she understands that somewhat..she was feeding me ealier today..and saying More? K. and feed me....So...pray that the pain would subside and that it would go away quickly!!! I know that God has a sense of humor and sometimes has to get our attention in crazy ways to get us to slow down...and quit over committing..maybe this is one of those things...who knows??? Just praise God that I am breathing and the Lord has blessed me beyond measure!!!
Also...AG had her 2 year old check-up today and Mom so graciously helped took me forever to get to the 3rd floor of the Anmed Center...(I felt like I did after having AG and after hernia surgery...the walk is very funny! I got funny looks too!! HAHAHA!) Anyway...she is doing great...she will not have to go back until 3!!! She weighed 23 lbs. and 33 inches tall. She gained 3 lbs. since March (1 and half check up.) She said they like for them to gain about 4 a year and she had done that...but all in the last 6 child is finally growing!!! She is in the 25% for height and 15% for weight. Dr. Draisen said a lot of people may say "oh, she is small for 2," but she is ok..she is progressing nicely..she may be on the petite side.I never knew my mother-in-law due to her dying in a plane crash about 13 years ago...I have been told AG is built sort of like her....I wish I would have known her..It would be nice to have the Jason baby stories...and the little details Mom's remember.
Have a tremendous day everyone!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Zone....

As most of you know....our church opened up a non-profit youth center last year called "The Zone" where youth in the area can come for free and play pong...pool...fooseball...air station all for free. Our church staffs The Zone through volunteer help and we also give away free food. It cost the kids nothing to come in,which some people can not even understand or believe. was so amazing...I had really wanted to do something like this for a long time....when I served through the NAMB in primary job was to run a youth center in the similar get grants...etc. But I thought to myself how in the world will this ever be able to money...etc. is a building in downtown HP and we painted it cool colors...the youth love and orange...(Under Construction is the is an underlying name...We pray that each child that comes through the doors would be changed by God Himself...If they do not know Him....want to know Him.) We do not try to push the kids to come to church...we build relationships and become their friends so to speak...well....don't worry I know all about the girlfriends and boyfriends...what cool and what's not...I am some of their best buds...they can't wait to tell me what's the latest scoop..
My point is how God has sooooo graciously supplied all of our needs...when we purchased the building the vision that I felt like God had given me was way out and how would it come together...Dad wanted to make it nice..but I was about to tear a building upside down...(He did not know that). He paid for people to come and paint the colors...Yellow on top, black slim middle stripe and big orange to the bottom...well, I was about to have murals and scripture all over the walls.... splatter paint everywhere...Well..thanks to youth and many volunteers the vision was brought forth....we spent very little money getting this take place due to me getting sponsors....Then, I had been wanting authentic road signs...someone came by and gave us all the road signs we needed...the DMV was about to throw them out..they were old ones and he got them....we wanted old ones...we are under construction you know?
Last night...we had our big kickoff event with Ron Scarborough...he does the scoreboard with WRIX on Fri. nights...he came last year and did again this year to host live at "THE ZONE"...well, it cost us a lot to have him because it is also a 5th Quarter...we give free pizzas and drinks...last year we got 15 of the 30 pizzas donated...but this year ALL 30 PIZZAS PLUS PLATES AND NAPKINS came from Papa Johns....I thank God for their generous donation...we gave to kids last night who can't afford to go and do things like we can...well...that is not the end...we came out with around $1100.00 extra last night since drinks were donated and cups after donations and paying Ron. This will last us through the end of school...but we still have a few more businesses to talk with. How amazing is God!!!! I am so excited and I pray that God would just bring in the kids who really need Him and we can be that place....we are currently open on Thursdays...3:30-5 and Fri. nights. Oh...we had more than 100 kids come through last night...that is alot for HP...the town only has about 200...haha!! On Thursdays..we are averaging about 35-40. Anyway...please add this to your prayer list..I have been meeting with the schools and trying to work with them...and trying to figure out what times work best for us to be open and have enough staff to carry it forth. Pray that I would have wisdom..we are trying lots of new things this year...since we have 1 year down..we can branch out and do more. Thank you JESUS!!!
Also...a place called Extreme Refuge is open across the is a good friend of ours..they sell skateboarding and paintball equipment..He also does a Bible Study with the kids on Tues. nights..we are trying to work together as a town to provide a place for our young people...Pray for them as well...that God would provide and that lives would be changed.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Josh....We will miss you....

This is our friend Josh...he attends music with AG each week...they have been friends for about 7 months and now we have found out the sad news that he may be moving this weekend or the next. We will miss him dearly. He is so much fun and he loves to scoot all around...he loves me too!!

Party Pictures...

Sorry (AMY) for the Lack of Posting Updates!!!!

Ok...I have been sooo busy and cannot seem to catch up.
To catch everyone up....AG turned 2 on August 30th and we had a wonderful party....I will post pics...I have tried to add something super cool...but oh well it would not post to my blog...not sure why!!! Anyway, she had lots of fun...we had face painting...Dunkin Donut craft necklaces that they were able to time ( I think this was the highlight)...then, we had cake time...We made individual cupcakes for each child with a candle and they loved it....then I had a book that I wrapped for each child to open when AG opened gifts and that was a hit....Rachel wins the excitement award for this part of the party...she laughed and kept saying...I just love books!!! Then, we let balloons go outside...this was sooo much fun (this idea came due to the fact that AG loves to let balloons go and say that they are going to see JeJe (Jesus)...the children had a blast...then we ended with party favors...(thanks to Paige..she put this together as I was doing other party preperations) we gave out rice krispy treats cut in the shape of a #2. Thanks to all the ones who helped....a lot of help was needed since I decided to make AG's cake and had never done one before. Amy received a stress call on Fri. evening from Rhonda and I...she is the one who encouraged me and told me I could do it (along with Rhonda). I just wanted it to be special and I love things that are done by hand with love (if I can) rather than just buying.
Then, on Tuesday (Sept. 2ne)....AG started pre-school.....AH....what a change....she goes on Tues. and Thurs. from 8:30-11:00. Bryson...her best buddy from next door goes as well. She has a blast...the first day I had to go to the school...the teacher could not get her to stop crying a pitching a major fit...Soooo...she did not want her to have a bad experience the first day of school..I stayed for about 30 minutes and left...she was fine for the rest of the time. Now she usually cries when I first leave her...but done within about 2 seconds. Last week I had to hold her to get her in...this week...she is walking herself in!! Before long..she will ask Mommy to drop her off at the end of the street!!I felt that this would be good for her...we do music and library..but I am with her...I wanted her to have a chance to get used to being away from me...She is social but more reserved at times and gets nervous in loud settings...well...sister child had better get over is loud at times..I know I had a room full of 2nd graders...the louder the better! Anyway...I needed the time to do my church work as well. I am getting alot done...that is great! I feel like I am more together...just having 2 and a half hours makes a huge difference.
So I hope that this catches you up somewhat..I will try to do better...