Thursday, September 25, 2008

Two Boys...

Ok everyone....I am in need of some prayer!!! My little precious girl is best friends with "2 boys" as she likes to call them. I am not sure we are ready for this venture!!! HAHA!! All she tells me about school is "2 boys" and what they do. The teacher tells me that she absolutely loves a little boy named Jordan and I know the other boy is Bryson...her best friend from next door!!! Isn't this a little early? Today we were talking in the car and I was trying to keep her awake so she would take a good nap at home...well...I was singing and acting crazy...I was telling her that Jesus loves her...I said, "Grace, who loves you? She said "2 boys!" What? She was supposed to say Jesus!!! Anyway, I ask her what they talk about and she says "Comon, boys!" I ask her who was in charge and she said Grace in charge!!! Oh my...we may have a bossy one on our hands. Then, she keeps talking about a little girl Lannie in her class. She is starting to act really silly at school. I guess I should not be too surprised...I always seemed to have more guy friends anyway...I was surrounded by boys with my 3 brothers. I do believe that is why she is friends with the boys in her class more...with my brothers and the people who hangout around here...mostly boys...she is just used to it. One of our friend's Thomas...she just loves him to death. I wish you could hear her say his is sooo cute. Anyway, I just wanted to share the cute story with you. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful little girl and husband!!

By the way, I went back to the chiropractor today and all is well....I am walking normal now and very little to no pain. I am still being extremely careful. I was getting worried on Mon. I had never felt pain like that...exept AG and hernia surgery. That pain was expected...but to hurt yourself and not know what what could come of it gets a little scary!! So..thanks for the prayers. After Jonathan's emergency back surgery last year...I am very careful with my back. So...thanks and everyone have a great...wonderful..blessed day!!!


tug-tugandnor-nor's mommy said...

Way cute. E has a 'boyfriend' too. His name is Noah. He is sooo cute. At least she knows how to pick 'em. hahaha