Monday, September 22, 2008

Prayer Please....

I really need you guys to pray....I can barely walk due to my lower lower back/tail bone area hurting. I went to our chiropractor today...who by the way is just wonderful...a great friend of ours...he did x-rays and I have not broken anything (Praise the Lord!)..just bruised and inflamed..a disc is hitting an inflamed nerve...and my hip is out of line...sooo...I can't bend very well...pick up AG...hardly anything that puts pressure on it...he told me to rest..(haha that's funny with a 2 year old) and ice frequently and have to return tomorrow for more treatment..When sitting I am having to sit on AG's boppy..and try to find a place that I can tolerate the pain..AG has been a great help and listened great for the short amount of time that we have been alone..She is concerned as to why mommy is acting so strange and I have had to tell her that I am sick...she understands that somewhat..she was feeding me ealier today..and saying More? K. and feed me....So...pray that the pain would subside and that it would go away quickly!!! I know that God has a sense of humor and sometimes has to get our attention in crazy ways to get us to slow down...and quit over committing..maybe this is one of those things...who knows??? Just praise God that I am breathing and the Lord has blessed me beyond measure!!!
Also...AG had her 2 year old check-up today and Mom so graciously helped took me forever to get to the 3rd floor of the Anmed Center...(I felt like I did after having AG and after hernia surgery...the walk is very funny! I got funny looks too!! HAHAHA!) Anyway...she is doing great...she will not have to go back until 3!!! She weighed 23 lbs. and 33 inches tall. She gained 3 lbs. since March (1 and half check up.) She said they like for them to gain about 4 a year and she had done that...but all in the last 6 child is finally growing!!! She is in the 25% for height and 15% for weight. Dr. Draisen said a lot of people may say "oh, she is small for 2," but she is ok..she is progressing nicely..she may be on the petite side.I never knew my mother-in-law due to her dying in a plane crash about 13 years ago...I have been told AG is built sort of like her....I wish I would have known her..It would be nice to have the Jason baby stories...and the little details Mom's remember.
Have a tremendous day everyone!!!


Heather said...

I hurt my back last December and have never felt pain like that. I was at the doctor for xrays, got some great painkillers, and had to ice it several times a day, too! It is TERRIBLE - especially with a little one around. Glad to hear from your other posts you are doing better. Oh, and we LOVE Dr. Draisen! I am so sad that we moved because I know we will have a hard time finding another doctor as great as her!