Thursday, February 19, 2009

Excited!! doesn't take a whole lot to make me excited. But...if you are a verizon customer...everybody probably already knew this but me...anyway...I got my bill via text and wondered why it was sooo much this time..I checked my account online and i had went over my minutes. When I checked; part of it was to Jason...he no longer has verizon...the firm pays for his phone....and my neighbor...she had a new baby the first of Jan. and I could not go over there due to my when we would talk on her landline...I got charged for one conversation...$15.80. I was a little ripped up...On my account I did not know that I could put 5 nonverizon people's number on my account that I could talk unlimited to!!!! What...that is now when I talk to my neighbor...Jason....Amy...Beth...guess what I can talk however long and I am not charged. Now you have to be on the 900 min. Nationwide plan or more!!!! Just thought I would share...I was pretty pumped. I usually do not go over my minutes...but we do not have a everything I do is on my cell....which is great because we never used the landline. It was a total waste...but obviously last month I was pretty busy...I do have a lot of church calls to make and such....anyway give it try if you are verizon!