Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Visit From Grand Dad!!

I did not mean to put two pictures of the same...but oh well!!

Grand Dad lives in Lexington so we do not get to see him as often as we would like. He came for a visit on Saturday and AG had a blast. She wanted to go for a ride in Grand Dad's truck and that she did. Whatever she wants she gets!! You know how Grandparents are. I am convinced that she would have went home with Grand Dad if we would have let her. In the last picture she was trying to lock the door so that I would not get her, but I got her anyway!!

Too Good to be True!!!

As most of you know by now...AG LOVES Dunkin Donut Munchkins....( And I must add I love; or should I say addicted to their coffee.) WELL...Are you ready for the big announcement??? You better be sitting down because here it comes
I found this out a couple of months ago, but did not really want to get my heart set on it because I was affraid it would not happen!! Well, last week the signs went up!!! It is official, it opens on August 18th. My parent's wedding anniversary is August 19th...we thought we could just have a celebration party there. I told them they could just camp out all night waiting on them to open!! HAHA!! Anyway, J said when I was told about the DD coming to town I was more excited than when he proposed to me!! That is not true. I know some of you are thinking...why the excitement...well, the old HP doesn't have a lot to choose from and this is huge for us!!!
It is sort of sad though...everyone knows me at the one in Anderson...I frequently get free stuff...and my stuff is always waiting on me from the time they see my car pull in. They told my dad the other day, who frequents the DD as well (He only drinks the sweets for him...he's lost tons of weight and will not touch anything sweet!!) that I was their favorite customer. I think that is because of AG!!
Anyway, I did not want you all to miss out on such a pivotal moment in our lives in HP!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Music Is sooo Much FUN!!!

This is AG at our weekly music class. We get to dance & sing, play drums, play sticks, shakers, hoop, etc. AG loves music time...Each week when we pull in she just laughs and says "sic" for MUSIC!! We were out for 4 weeks and then we started back last is really neat. We have two German families that have 3 children each and 1 family from Aulstalia that has one little boy. AG is getting cultural at 23 months. It is good for her. I like her being exposed to different things. I am hoping that she will have a love for music!!

First Haircut!!!

Ok... I was going to try and do this cute thing of pictures, but I could not get it to work!!! Hey..I am new at this you know?!? Anyway, AG got her first haircut this week. These pictures are a progression of her was so long and now it seems sooo short. But it is doing way better and the curls bounce more than ever. It was much needed. Ms. Tara was great. It makes all the difference in the world who cuts your child's hair at this age. She allowed her to play for a few minutes...we talked about the cool car she was going to sit in....gave her a sucker...let her watch Blues Clues and all. It was lots of fun...probably more fun for Mommy than her. Then, she ended her day with a "BAG" of munchkins from Uncle Jon Jon...he doesn't know the mommy rule of no muchkins this close to bedtime "AND" the limit is 2 and not a bagfull!!! You can tell she knew the rules had been broken!!! It's ok though this one time.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Ok...I am struggling really bad with getting pictures to transfer to my blog....the ones that are on here were transferred from a CD to Picassa...the most recent ones were sent from my camera to Kodak...that is the only way the save to my computer....well...any picture in Kodak will not transfer to my blog...any suggestions or tips??? I have tried everything I know to try.

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful weekend. God Bless!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

What a week!!!

OK....this has been one crazy week...I do not know who I think I am....I have been in this redecoration...make it my own self way in the past few weeks. I have painted and decorated one bathroom in our house and beginning work on the second one...I am having trouble with picking out the paint color....we have color in all rooms and I am about color picked out. Anyway, we have this old ugly microwave cart that was inherited from the little yellow house J and I bought when we first got married. Well, we want new bedroom furniture but considering that our air unit went out and had to be replaced last month...that will not be happening as quickly as we thought. So....I thought I will just paint the microwave cart that holds our is hidious. Anyway, Rhonda went with me to pick out paint color samples for the front bathroom and get the black paint for the microwave cart....all was great....she left....I decided on a bathroom color after weeks of this point the wall is a mural of colors and quite ugly might I add after I have sampled different ideas. Well, I was excited and was bringing in my quart of black paint....don't worry I dropped it in the floor....the only carpeted room in the house and now we have this huge black spot that refuses to come up after hours of cleanup. I have just thought about getting a bunch of black paint and just making our carpet all black....anyway, it has been one incident after another. NOW...I have black paint under my fingernails that will not come out. I have tried everything and soaked them in paint thinner for a few seconds...I was affraid it may eat my hand up..anyway...crazy crazy crazy...
Although I ruined the carpet I realized that it was not that big of a deal...yeah I ruined carpet, but what is that in relation to the grand scheme of life. I have a Savior who loves me dearly....He paid the ultimate price for my sin that I may have eternal life....yeah...I may have had a crazy stressful kind of week due to several incidents that were similar....and why I do not understand...but guess what? God went through so much more than spilled paint...He took stripes on His back for us. He faced more hardship than we can ever imagine. I pray daily that the Lord would help me to see things through His eyes and His perspective....what is a spot of spilled paint anyway? I am just thankful that I have a roof over my head, wonderful friends and family and a Savior who loves me unconditionally!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


AG loves to spend time with her Pa...Pa as she says with her county twang. She copies each and everything that we say....It is so funny...since Pa..Pa is a preacher...she will imitate him and pray for people. How funny is that? I had to buy her a little Kid piano that has a microphone attached to it...she loves to pretend to sing and play like Pa...Pa does when he leads worship at church. At church when she is in the nursery...when we get up to do drama...she is doing it in the nursery and trying to get the other children to join in. I hope that my little one will not be a bosy one!! HA!! She loves to wear his glasses as well....but don't worry those are not his pearls...HA!! Those are Mama's...she loves to wear my jewelry.

Quality Time

I have been a little busy most of you know Jason and I bought an older home after we got married....well it has needed one renovation after another. Most of the renovations we have taken upon ourselves...well...lately I have been painting and redecorating bathrooms..I have watched way too much HGTV. It is turning out really nice...I am very excited because my mom, AG, and myself went bargain shopping today for the bathroom and I found tons of cool stuff...It is almost done with the exception of changing the mirror and light. God is sooo good. I spent $50.00 and got all the stuff I needed. It was well over $200.00 dollars worth of stuff. I went to Michael's after purchasing one piece and they had it for $89.99...I got mine for $19.99. That was the most expensive piece, another was marked for $16.99 and I got it for $5.99. Jason thinks that I am gifted to shop for great deals...he says I should get paid to shop the bargains for others. It is my goal to get something as cheap as I can get it.
Anyway...before all this we went to our weekly library reading time....AG did sooo well....she loves to read book, sing, do crafts, and puzzles. She is sooo good at crafts and puzzles these days. It makes me a little sad to watch her...she has grown way too fast and she is no longer my baby baby, but more and more each day turning into a little princess. I look in on her each night before I go to bed...I have to be sure she is not too close to the edge of her bed...she insisted on moving to her big bed about a month and a half ago...I think that is really early...but my child is Ms. Independent. I do not think she liked being trapped in the "BABY BED." She has the freedom to move if she wants...we do allow her to "read books" if she would is soooo cute. When she gets sleepy...which is usually really quick...she puts them up and goes right to sleep. I was thinking the other night...being in the big bed means she is really not a baby any longer. It is soo important to savor every precious moment we have with our children. Time flies way too quickly. I love spending all my time with her. She is way too much fun...(Hint: she does wear me out though!).