Thursday, July 10, 2008

What a week!!!

OK....this has been one crazy week...I do not know who I think I am....I have been in this redecoration...make it my own self way in the past few weeks. I have painted and decorated one bathroom in our house and beginning work on the second one...I am having trouble with picking out the paint color....we have color in all rooms and I am about color picked out. Anyway, we have this old ugly microwave cart that was inherited from the little yellow house J and I bought when we first got married. Well, we want new bedroom furniture but considering that our air unit went out and had to be replaced last month...that will not be happening as quickly as we thought. So....I thought I will just paint the microwave cart that holds our is hidious. Anyway, Rhonda went with me to pick out paint color samples for the front bathroom and get the black paint for the microwave cart....all was great....she left....I decided on a bathroom color after weeks of this point the wall is a mural of colors and quite ugly might I add after I have sampled different ideas. Well, I was excited and was bringing in my quart of black paint....don't worry I dropped it in the floor....the only carpeted room in the house and now we have this huge black spot that refuses to come up after hours of cleanup. I have just thought about getting a bunch of black paint and just making our carpet all black....anyway, it has been one incident after another. NOW...I have black paint under my fingernails that will not come out. I have tried everything and soaked them in paint thinner for a few seconds...I was affraid it may eat my hand up..anyway...crazy crazy crazy...
Although I ruined the carpet I realized that it was not that big of a deal...yeah I ruined carpet, but what is that in relation to the grand scheme of life. I have a Savior who loves me dearly....He paid the ultimate price for my sin that I may have eternal life....yeah...I may have had a crazy stressful kind of week due to several incidents that were similar....and why I do not understand...but guess what? God went through so much more than spilled paint...He took stripes on His back for us. He faced more hardship than we can ever imagine. I pray daily that the Lord would help me to see things through His eyes and His perspective....what is a spot of spilled paint anyway? I am just thankful that I have a roof over my head, wonderful friends and family and a Savior who loves me unconditionally!!


tug-tugandnor-nor's mommy said...

Sorry you have had such a crazy week. Sorry about the spilled paint, but you are soooo right, it's not that big of a deal in the big scheme of things.