Saturday, July 19, 2008

First Haircut!!!

Ok... I was going to try and do this cute thing of pictures, but I could not get it to work!!! Hey..I am new at this you know?!? Anyway, AG got her first haircut this week. These pictures are a progression of her was so long and now it seems sooo short. But it is doing way better and the curls bounce more than ever. It was much needed. Ms. Tara was great. It makes all the difference in the world who cuts your child's hair at this age. She allowed her to play for a few minutes...we talked about the cool car she was going to sit in....gave her a sucker...let her watch Blues Clues and all. It was lots of fun...probably more fun for Mommy than her. Then, she ended her day with a "BAG" of munchkins from Uncle Jon Jon...he doesn't know the mommy rule of no muchkins this close to bedtime "AND" the limit is 2 and not a bagfull!!! You can tell she knew the rules had been broken!!! It's ok though this one time.


w & j's mommy said...

HE IS GORGEOUS! A bag of munchkins??? What the heck? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA she is so spoiled by your brothers..what a very lucky little girl! I think she needs a sibling! hehe

tug-tugandnor-nor's mommy said...

She is just too cute for words. I can't believe her hair was that long.

Heather said...


I love reading about your little AG! She is so adorable! I just want to squeeze her!

Love, Heather Burley