Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Quality Time

I have been a little busy most of you know Jason and I bought an older home after we got married....well it has needed one renovation after another. Most of the renovations we have taken upon ourselves...well...lately I have been painting and redecorating bathrooms..I have watched way too much HGTV. It is turning out really nice...I am very excited because my mom, AG, and myself went bargain shopping today for the bathroom and I found tons of cool stuff...It is almost done with the exception of changing the mirror and light. God is sooo good. I spent $50.00 and got all the stuff I needed. It was well over $200.00 dollars worth of stuff. I went to Michael's after purchasing one piece and they had it for $89.99...I got mine for $19.99. That was the most expensive piece, another was marked for $16.99 and I got it for $5.99. Jason thinks that I am gifted to shop for great deals...he says I should get paid to shop the bargains for others. It is my goal to get something as cheap as I can get it.
Anyway...before all this we went to our weekly library reading time....AG did sooo well....she loves to read book, sing, do crafts, and puzzles. She is sooo good at crafts and puzzles these days. It makes me a little sad to watch her...she has grown way too fast and she is no longer my baby baby, but more and more each day turning into a little princess. I look in on her each night before I go to bed...I have to be sure she is not too close to the edge of her bed...she insisted on moving to her big bed about a month and a half ago...I think that is really early...but my child is Ms. Independent. I do not think she liked being trapped in the "BABY BED." She has the freedom to move if she wants...we do allow her to "read books" if she would is soooo cute. When she gets sleepy...which is usually really quick...she puts them up and goes right to sleep. I was thinking the other night...being in the big bed means she is really not a baby any longer. It is soo important to savor every precious moment we have with our children. Time flies way too quickly. I love spending all my time with her. She is way too much fun...(Hint: she does wear me out though!).


tug-tugandnor-nor said...

Well it sounds like the bedtime routine has gotten much better. I am glad that is all behind you!!! Love, A