Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Amazing Day!! was an amazing day. I was able to either see or talk to 3 of my best friends, which does not usually happen all at once. I had lunch with Rhonda and it was wonderful. We have not had much time together lately due to hectic schedules.
Then, I met Baby Jay for the first time. I wanted to meet him last week, but was not able to. Beth is doing wonderful and she was sooo calm. It was amazing. He is sooo precious and so is his big handsome brother. AG and W had a wonderful time playing was really their first time since they have not seen each other since she was a baby baby.
Then...on the way home I was able to talk with Amy...and Nor Nor who is super sweet and cute...she did get to eat at chic-ill-lay today "and" talked to the cow. How precious. My child is addicted as well. I think it is a girl thing...we went to the zoo a few weeks ago and Nor Nor kept running into things because she was not watching where she was daughter does the exact same thing. Tug Tug on the other hand had it all under control. UM....GIRLS!!! was just a wonderful day and I am reminded of how blessed I am to have great friends whom I can laugh with and confide in. Thank you ladies!! I love you.


tug-tugandnor-nor said...

My friendship with you is such a blessing to me!!! Can't wait for our visit, and by the way...Mexican last night was so great!!! Nobody said a word, we were so engrossed in the meal. Poor Jason!!!

w & j's mommy said...

Thanks for making the trip to visit and meet the newest member of the clan! I think I was so calm do to the lack of sleep! HAHAHA right after you left Jay was all EYES! HAHA! I love you too! I thought A & W were sweet together! see you soon when I venture to