Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cleaning Out!

Today has been an extremely good day. I have been busy around the house. As they say a mother's job is never done. I truely believe that. I have been cleaning out and decluttering this house. It is amazing at how much stuff you can let pile up if you do not stay on top of it. Mail is the worst.....we get soooo much mail....if we don't deal with it immediatly we have a mound of mail.

Just like our homes...our lives can get cluttered with so much other rather than the things of God. It is important that we do not let other things crowd out our most precious time with the Heavenly Father who created us and cares for us so much. When we let these other things take the place of Him there is no room for Him. Our peace starts to slowly go away. We need peace...a peace that comes only from God. When we have a "cleaned out" life we can effectively love others and share the love of God. We can be the disciple that God called us to be. Wow!!!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Father's Day Weekend. We are spending time with family!!