Friday, July 3, 2009

I Need to Try a Little Harder...

Wow...where does the time go??? It is July 3rd J did not have to work so we took a family day to the mountains. Before leaving AG said that she wanted to see a we just kept saying keep your eyes open and keep might see one. All along J and I are thinking...that won't happen...AND just as she drifts off to sleep....we see a huge bear on side of the road...when it saw us it ran back into the woods...needless to say we woke her with saying bear but she still missed it. When we got to the top of Mt. Mitchell....she did see a bear in the museum (not alive of course)....that would do for her...thank the Lord!!! Anyway, it was muched needed with the craziness of our schedule lately.

Little update...Grand-Dad did come through his surgery trace of cancer...but he is having a rough recovery...keep him in your prayers! It is been a long couple of months. We are praying for FULL RECOVERY!!!

I am just amazed at how time flies...AG will be 3 in August and I just can't figure out how that is happening soooo soon. She is growing up and saying some of the funniest things...she acts grown!!! She talks non-stop and tries to be funny all the time..I am not sure where she would get that from!!! HEHE! Anyway, we were running errands yesturday and she said, "Mama, let's go get our toes done!" WHAT?!? I just had to laugh...I really could not believe my ears. When we got in the car to run errands...she said this is fun mama!! Well, I do love that she can express herself and starting to tell us fun things...but she does share what she doesn't like as well!

She is constantly saying she wants to go to school and see her friends...boy is that a long ways off...for her anyway! I do believe we have a reader on our hands...she wants to read constantly and really reads her favorite books from memory. I have really prayed and prayed and read and read to her hoping she would love it. It was so hard when I taught 2nd grade to work with a child who hated reading or struggled. Thank you Jesus!! She loves to sing also...she makes us her own songs as well...I love it...her newest one is " I am so happy because Jesus lives in my heart!" THe first time I heard her sing it; I about cried....I thought all this prayer time...Bible study with her has made a difference. She loves to pray and has the attention span of 30 minutes on good days for prayer!!!! That amazes me! She already knows the entire Psalm 23 by heart, The Lord's Prayer, Ps. 47:1, Genesis 1:1, a couple of verses in 2 Chronicles....and sings all the worships songs from church. I think she is destined to share Jesus!! I did not name her Anna for nothing...Anna in the Bible did sit at the feet of Jesus and just bask in His presence...that has been my prayer for her!! Don't worry...we still have our struggles...but we work through them. After correcting her we talk about what God's Word says and have a prayer time...some days...lots of God's Word and LOTS OF PRAYING..if you know what I mean!
OK....I will stop going on about AG...I just am amazed and pray that God constantly gives J and I the wisdom we need to be a light for HIM in all we do!!!

Most of you already know that Sturkie Baby #2 is on the way....praying for this child and for the destiny that God has for HIM/HER!! I go back to the Dr. Monday for my checkup and another ultrasound...all is well just had a hard time with the first one. We should know boy or girl August 30th! We don't care..just a healthy baby and whatever God sees best in the expansion of our family!!!
I promise I will try to do better on posting!