Monday, June 16, 2008


As most of you know I had a good time dancing in college....Rhonda and I were a part of the Journey Team and would do interpretive movements....well...I'm still doing them...when Bethany World Outreach Center (BWOC) was started we started doing them each and every Sunday. We have moved into much more complicated stuff than "Shout to the Lord." Might I add...what a struggle to learn for Rhonda and I. Whew...we were in some pain...Now...We do more dance and I am somewhat of a champ...I am usually the LAST to learn the song....and the one most likely to mess up...HA!! You all remember the Scuffle Town days...Whew, what a mess for me!! But, when it came to freestyle..I had it going on. But, When God is in it...He takes it and makes it something as long as we are trying our best and ask for His annointing to flow through us.

AG loves music and moving to the beat...that should be no surprise to you. I have these videos at home of children doing dance and drama...she can do the entire thing...I am working on getting pics that I can put on here. She is sooo cute...I guess she sees me and the others practice way too much.

These are pics of some of us being silly after church after we had done "Freedom" by Jason Upton. If you are looking for a great CD that is power packed...that is a good one.


TCW said...

I thought you did a great job at Scuffletown and when Kel gave you dance lessons, you learned quickly. I am glad that our sweat and tears has paid off and you are glorifying the Lord through it. Body Roll!!! Body Roll!!

w & j's mommy said...

Hey what about the kitty song I get no props for that in your post?? Oh Kelly and her dragon shirt!!!