Saturday, November 1, 2008

AG's New Prayer....

Hello Everyone....I have not blogged much lately. I have been repremanded, so here goes!!
AG is such a prayer warrior...she is one awesome child...we were eating last night and she touched my head and said heal..Jesus Name...then she hugged me and said love you. It was sooo precious. This was just as my mom had done Sunday as she was praying for some ladies at church..she didn't say heal...but she prayed and then hugged them. It is amazing at what children pick up on!! Now as she prays over her meal....this is her new prayer...Lord, "EW MOTHER", AMAAAAN! I will not explain the "EW MOTHER" part, but I do not think that it needs to be!! HAHA! Then, the AMAAAN is so country. I love it.
When I am on the phone with people and I get off...she says, whoas aaat? For who was that? Country once again! She is forever asking me who people are...most of whom I do not know and What is that? She is very curious and asked lots and lots of questions. is so much fun to talk to her. She can finally carry on a conversation with me.
Thursday...she had her school party and she was a bumble bee...I must say she was very very cute....and I have pictures of course (I am once again having some technical problems with the camera...I think). Anyway...yesturday J was able to get off of work and we rode to the was lots of fun. We got homemade fudge and it is very very good. We are still eating on was huge and very rich. It cost $7.00. A little much on price, but worth it! Then, we took a horse and buggy ride, which AG just loved...then, we found the playground, which was the highlight of the day...we had the best time!! This was a huge playground and my child was way brave...which is new for her. She thinks she is grown up even more since starting school. J and I even had fun sliding and acting like kids. AG climbed the rock wall...high for a 2 year old...she made it to the top...with us under her and holding...she kept going down the HUGE slide like nothing. BUT...she will not swing for anything...she doesn't like them anymore and cries. Doesn't make much sense to me, but whatever.
J was much impressed with my playground skills...I told him how we would go to the playground in college....and I was close to getting locked up due to code 42684...but managed to slip by the officers!! HA! They even had an undated seasaw...that was my favorite in elementary school...I would seasaw the entire play time if I could!!
I have some really cool pictures of this as well...but my camera is being hard to deal with. I should have taken the advise of Amy and gotten the other brand camera. I will know next time, it was just a really good sale!! You know me and sales!
Anyway...lots of fun. We were on the road last night, but she did get to dress up for school and got a whole grocery bag full of candy...what 2 year old needs all that? J bagged it and gave it was too tempting to sit and just eat. He is a chocoaholic!! This is the most current and I will try to do better at keeping up!!


W and Js mommy said...

really she said that? Did it go something more like "Ewwwwwwwwwww mother...these biscuits are going to get right to my divertick?!"