Wednesday, November 5, 2008

God...and Singing

Well...I have been amazed by God's grace and goodness lately!! I bought this box of prayer cards about 4 years ago...and surprise surprise have not used them a whole lot!! the last week I have started using these prayer cards in my prayer time and ladies they are rocking my world!! They are divided into catergories..about 30 or so for each..for example stronghold, unbelief, overcoming idlotry...and many many more. Well, honestly when I picked them up..I was desperate for a new twist on things and I thought I don't really deal some of these issues but I will pray them anyway...It is a scripture in the form of a prayer...I pray one catergory a day. I have seen more change in my life in these last few days. It is like I just feel so much more peace. I believe that the enemy wants us to belief that hey we are good like we are...we spend time with God..we do the right things..but we still have some issues in our lives that we did not even realize was there. Also...each and everyday I have been able to share one or more of the scriptures with someone I come in contact with. AG is with me and she is saying, "what you doing?" So she repeats some of them as well. I am determined that she is going to be a prayer warrior!! I encourage you ladies...the scriptures are powerful...pray them and allow God to break some of the stronghold that hold us from our "Promised Land." What is it that is holding us back from that place of rest?
A side note...tonight as I was teaching the know boundaries..just whatever..the kids think I am crazy..I will do anything for them to capture the meaning of the lesson...and really connect with God. Well, tonight Paige was not able to be with me as she normally is...Jason had to help me as I had a full full class. Well, when I decide to bust into song...Paige is there to bail me out and help me keep a tune. Well...don't worry not tonight. Jason is as bad if not worse than I am. He will not take offense, we often sing a little duet in the car and just laugh at the damage. I figure that God didn't bless me with the singing..just the dance moves!! HAHA!! I busted into song tonight I had to cut it short..I had no one to bail me out and it was BAD!!!!! HAHAHA!!! I was cracking up and could not hardly sing. The kids were loving it though!!! I just knew you all would get a kick out of my not so good singing self!! Rhonda..remember when Christi had us singing "real good" in her car that night..we were singing harmony!! HAHA! I also sing very loud during praise and worship at church...I have told people that are around me...I can't sing...but I just love Jesus!!! HAHA! I know they are secretly laughing on the inside!


W and Js mommy said...

WEll As you know I can't carry a tune...but W & J seem to love it! :) and personally that is all that matters! :)