Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hair Cut & Voting

The place that I get AG's haircut is just wonderful. She could not wait to go in when we pulled up. I did not really want to get it cut...BUT...I do have sad news.....some of her curl is leaving us. It is pretty straight and curls around the bottom. People ask me do I use a curling iron and no I do not. I am hoping that some of it stays, but I am not sure that it will. OH WELL. It is still pretty. When we got it trimmed today...some of the curl did bounce back. Her hair is growing sooo fast...hey but she is too. Lately...she has wanted to wear two tails...for two pigtails. Every once in a while we go through this to where everyday she wants tails and then she wants straight hair as she calls it. Too much fun!!
Today when I went to vote..of course we waited for an hour and a half. We were packed with our gear(juice, snack, baby doll, and books) and ready to wait a while...AG did sooo well. People could not beleive it. She was weary by the time we got to the voting booth...she wanted to see....what's that she kept saying...I would not pick her up because I knew she would be touching the screen and I could not vote...Well, she starts to shake the voting booth and has it rocking. Luckily, I knew exactly my votes and had read the ammendments and was just ready to press the screen in all the right places. I was sooo glad to be able to call it done and leave. She is really sooo good..but I tend to forget that at the trying moments. One of her new smart mouth remarks is....when we are not at home and she knows I forgot the spanking spoon and I threaten to spank...she says spankin spoon at home....I have to remind her that God blessed me with a hand that does just the same job. I do not like to use my hand...but in extreme just has to be done.
Just to let everyone know....Haywood mall has their $5.00 Christian bookstore right now until January...Oh how I love that place...It is right outside of Sears. I found lots and lots of books the other day that were great. I got ladies Bible study books for $3.00. That was great!! need to make a would go crazy in there...I just know.


tug-tugandnor-nor's mommy said...

I do need to make a trip to the upstate of SC very soon. Miss u!!!