Saturday, January 24, 2009

JESUS.....You are in control!!!

OK....some of you know and some of you don't...that I have been sick for 4 wks. I am not sure what is going on. I am fine...just wanting to feel better. I woke up the Sunday before Christmas with the normal cold...running nose, sneezing, sore throught, etc. Well, I was sick with all of that during that week. Then, I THOUGHT I was better...but not really. The congestion never really went away and I felt like I had no energy at finally I go to the Dr. He gives me the Z Pack....that doesn't work so he gives me something else and it doesn't work. So back this past Tuesday I cough is worse and worse and NO ENERGY! Well, he tells me the last time, which was 2 wks. earlier I had bronchitis (which they never told me) and suspected I could have had pneumonia...which they never told here I am just a walking around thinking I have a common cold and I will be better quick. Well, I still have bronchitus and on more meds. (3 at the present I am a little loopy!) They wanted chest x-rays and all was clear. So...I am not sure what the deal is...just that they want me to go to an allergist and I do not have allergies. My sister in law works with Drs. who do the test and she doesn't see that I have the symptoms nor do I!! But I am asking you to PRAY PRAY PRAY!!! I am just wanting to do the right thing. I feel good for a while and then all of sudden I feel like I cannot move and there is tightness in my chest. It is even a strain to talk and do things. But I have found out this is common for Bronchitus. The Dr. also mentioned mono...I am just not sure. I am praying for the guidance of the Holy Spirit and if there is anything I can do that I will know to do it!

I also believe the Lord is trying to get me to prioritize my life better, say no, and to stop doing so much. So needless to say...AG and I have dropped several things off of our weekly to do list. I felt it was a must. I have had more time at home...thinking, praying, organizing and reorganizing our lives. I want to declutter (not just things in my house, but things in my life that consume my time that lead to nowhere!) I am on a journey and I had better make the most of it or I may never get to where God wants me. I have to pick and choose what I feel is important and leads to the destiny that God has marked for me and my family. Think about Moses and the children of Israel...they were detoured and Moses never made it to The Promised Land, but that was because of His own choices. God has the ultimate plan in place and I just have to obey each LITTLE step of the way if I am going to get there. In our Church Mission says..."the journey is just as important as the destination we seek to reach!" That is soooo true. It is not just the end that has the rewards, but all the little choices I make in between!


Sled Dawgs said...

Hey I am so glad to see your blog. We are in CA right now enjoying some time as a family. We will be praying that you feel better very soon. Can we post your blog to the blogs that we follow on our blog?

David & Anita said...

Hey Ghetto,
I thought you might laugh. We will definitely be praying for you. It's kinda ironic but yet that's God telling me sort of the same things. Not necessarily about doing too much but about priority. You've always had too many irons in the fire. sometimes the Lord just wants you to Be still. I challenge you in the morning when you get up to just sit in silence for a bit. No scripture for the 1st part of it. Just sit and listen. Sometimes to hear God's voice we must turn down the worlds volume!! I know kinda tacky but true!

Big Hendy