Thursday, January 8, 2009

What is my House Built Upon?

Today AG played hookie from school (taking after her mother and Ms. ARhonda) and J played hookie from work. He had actually planned to take the day off as well as tomorrow because he was not able to take the full two weeks he usually gets at Christmas. Soo...we decided to chase snow...
We drove and we found snow up past Asheville...the closer we got to the Tennessee line the thicker it got and the harder it fell to the ground....then all of a sudden it was just barely coming down and there were just patches on the ground. This was not cool after we had been in about 4 inches worth of snow. It was sooo much fun and AG just loved it...we stopped and let her play for a few minutes..but it did not last long since we have all been sick and I am still battling this old stuff.
I was thinking...we were sooo excited to get to the snow and it was GREAT...but it really did nothing for me. It had no eternal was just amazing to see GOd's beautiful creation....I began to think about how often I chase after everything, but God for satisfaction.....
What is it that we daily RUN for because we cannot wait to see it, get it, buy it, talk to it, etc.? What is it that drives us? Is it things or people around us? What gets us all crazy and we will do silly things for it? For me, one thing that drives me is a GOOD DEAL...I love to buy something for nearly nothing...and I usually succeed. It really gets my adrenaline kicking...I must say that Amy did beat me out with a dirt cheap sportscoat for Todd and she called to brag!!! But....these things are well and good....but what happens when something crazy comes along? We cannot go running to that GOOD DEAL or CHASING SNOW to give us the hope that we need. We have to run to Jesus. How do we respond in uncertain times, when our faith is being shaken? Are we really running to Jesus or are we depending on others to pull us through?
I remember a few years ago...I came home from work on a Friday afternoon...I was not married and still living at one was home, which was very strange with a 6 person house. Well, I was bored...I had made no plans and I thought I had to have something to do (there's always something to do with that many people in a house, I did not know what to do with myself)...well, I went through my entire cell phone contact list and called anyone I could to talk to....most everyone did not answer or could not talk long. I remember I was on and off within 15 minutes TOTAL! I finally realized that I was feeling the need to talk to someone...I was feeling lonely...but that was only God drawing me to Him. He longed to spend time with me and I was searching in all the wrong places. Where are we looking for that encouraging word, that laugh, that compliment? God is all we need! Why keep searching?
I encourage Matthew 7:24 talks your house upon the rock...the SOLID ROCK OF JESUS CHRIST and you will lack no will not move when the storms come your will remain strong. But if you build your house on the will crumble and fall. OH...just a thought...for me it is my expectations that get in the way. What I expect of myself and others..Do all you can today to build that solid foundation in your life and for you family!!! Instill that value into your children and know that they watch each and every move you make...even more than you realize!!